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Can I put this card into play upside-down for ease of reading, or do I have to use Opalescence to turn it into a creature, Mirrorweave to turn it into a copy of a flip creature, and then satisfy its flip condition to flip it upside-down?
Posted By: syrazemyla (6/30/2010 9:37:47 PM)


It's funny that people think the card is upside-down. While actually only the front printing is reversed. It seems that when you look at the back of the card, it is still straight up. So it's not inserted upside down in the booster. XD

Anywayz, funny card.
Posted By: C4rl0wn463 (6/19/2010 1:29:43 AM)


One of my favorite cards! Many Johnnies will want to lock the game with this card, but the real fun is the insanity you can cause. The best is when everyone is accustomed to playing their turns backward, when TT is finally dispelled, it is difficult to go back to the normal turn. For those who like multi-player it reverses the turn sequence. Make sure you are left wing in Emperor. Though my typical Emperor never wants me to cast it :-( Sad panda!
Posted By: Kimbote (7/9/2009 6:27:04 PM)


Both this and Staying Power are templated as such that they could work in 'for real' gameplay.

I imagine that neither will ever be printed for real at the risk of making numerous judges go on sociopathic killing sprees.
Posted By: HairlessThoctar (9/10/2010 4:15:18 PM)


Player 1: I play Topsy Turvy.
Player 2: Ok my turn, i play Topsy Turvy.
Player 1: My turn now, i play Topsy Turvy.
Player 2: Done? My turn, i play Topsy Turvy.
Player 3: When is it going to be my turn?
Posted By: aznxknightz (8/27/2011 10:05:20 PM)


Got this card in a booster and it was upside down inside it, like in the picture. Awesome.
Posted By: Lege (10/6/2009 10:05:39 AM)


Posted By: metalevolence (10/13/2009 11:33:58 PM)


Ultra-broken combo with Vedalken Mastermind. Two cards, infinite turns. See, if you bounce the Topsy Turvy during your opponent's end step, then suddenly the beginning of their turn becomes the end of their turn once again, and it rolls back to your turn, during which you can attack, replay the Topsy Turvy in your postcombat main phase, roll back to your untap step, and repeat the process until they're dead. Turn 3 lockdown.
Posted By: mutantman (11/12/2008 10:30:41 PM)


There is one thing cooler than taking infinitive turns: taking an infinite turn. Opalescene + Mistmeadow Witch.
Posted By: Aun (6/17/2010 11:40:16 PM)


Great with cards that have a 'during your upkeep' or 'beginning of your upkeep' positive effect - you get the effect the turn you play it. Run this with any alternate win condition card that triggers at the beginning of your upkeep. Also goes well with expensive counterspells - you untap at the end of your turn, so all your mana is available on your opponent's turn.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (2/19/2010 12:50:28 AM)