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Actually the flavor text is rather appropriate considering mana burn was still part of the rules when this card was released. So, unless you had a Little Girl to cast or some other way to use the extra half mana, you would end up losing a half of a life every time you tapped the C of A.
Posted By: AvatarOfHOE (12/24/2010 12:13:04 AM)


Better than Ancient Ziggurat. I could have fun with this.
Posted By: Garfunculus (3/3/2011 5:22:44 PM)


Best land ever. Strictly better than all of the Alara tri-lands. And of course, the pun...

(Okay, okay, it was released while mana burn was still a thing, but that doesn't matter now.)
Posted By: Axelle (8/31/2012 7:42:34 PM)


@ The_Wolf
No, it says "of any ONE color"

You can, however, get three with four each on them with four cities.
Posted By: Megadog (6/16/2013 10:55:41 PM)


Hoo boy. This thing got crazy after M10. No more mana burn makes this the third-best solely mana-producing land in the game. Only Tolarian Academy and Gaea's Cradle outclass it. 5/5
Posted By: Continue (11/27/2012 8:23:49 PM)


This illustrious and well-rounded city can be found in the rear-end of Dominaria.

Unfortunately, since it's so far south, you have to get up at the crack of dawn to reach it.

On your way there, watch out for the Canyon of Passing Winds. Some say it smells like roses, but others think otherwise.

And when you're there, you can visit the Town of Richard. It's just in front of it.
Posted By: Ferlord (5/26/2013 6:11:57 PM)


Even when mana burn was a thing, this was still strictly better than City of Brass, which was itself always considered a very good multi-color land.
Posted By: Aquillion (8/14/2013 10:52:57 AM)


They ripped this off out of Inquest Magazine. I miss Inquest.
Posted By: sweetestsadist (2/5/2009 3:29:26 AM)


@MillingMaster: Har har har. It was a serious question.

@goblin_camp: It's sorta real. It was printed in the silver-bordered set Unhinged, so it's not legal in any serious tournaments. Silver-bordered sets are all about having fun and pushing the limits of legality.
Posted By: JimmyNoobPlayer (2/21/2014 9:45:02 AM)


Wow, you cannot even type that word in comment, but in midway search for city of brass it suggests this, legendary censorship! I cannot even write a s s a s s i n without the censor freaking out ^^
Posted By: Sironos (5/10/2010 2:27:30 PM)


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