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I find this card, plus Lightning Greaves, absolutely devastating when added to Loxodon Punisher. Cheap ways to boost an already good card. +3+2 for this card alone, thanks to his awesome effect. If only playing one mana per turn and those two equipments, that's +12+12 not taking in however many of this you have exactly on turn 4. A maximum of 18/14, plus it is hard to get that hand, but still a decent combo.
Posted By: Crosserenti (8/24/2010 6:40:29 AM)


"Some possible uses for Shuko
> Daru Spiritualist + Starlit Sanctum + Shuko = Cheap, monowhite way of getting infinite life."

Add Mannichi, the Fevered Dream

Not quite so cheap white-red-black (well, Black from somewhere) way of killing your opponent instantly.
Posted By: Lord_of_Tresserhorn (2/13/2011 1:16:16 PM)


Most equipment look dull in comparison to bonesplitter. If you already have 4 of those, this isn't a bad addition to an equipment deck. With the exception of kor duelist, nearly every creature that gets a bonus buff from wearing equipment can be equipped with O-Naginata after equipping shuko. This can be a one turn tempo boost, and it increases the frequency of an early O-Naginata equip.
When you put four equipment on a creature, and it gets killed, you usually have a monster again pretty quick, and yet I always have a piece of a equipment just sitting around. This helps you get the mana requirement down for a massive re-equip. Also, when you tap out to equip a creature that ultimately dies, you can re-equip these to your other guys so that they get their equipment buff for defense.
And the duelist won't sneer at this either since shuko will cause it to do 2 extra damage.
Posted By: kiseki (3/31/2011 5:22:48 PM)


Waffles task force + greater good combo would definitely work with a second creature under your control.
Posted By: lorendorky (4/5/2011 2:25:34 PM)


Waffle...neither of those combos actually work.
Posted By: MrPink343 (1/18/2010 9:34:12 PM)


To expand on MrPink's comment:
>Mossdog only triggers when an opponent targets it (can you imagine if it triggered from any target? Cards like Shuko and the en-Kor creatures could make mossdog infinite/infinite by turn two or earlier haha)
>Greater Good uses the creature's power, not toughness. Sacrificing your 1/infinite Task Force nets you 1 card.

Some possible uses for Shuko
> Daru Spiritualist + Starlit Sanctum + Shuko = Cheap, monowhite way of getting infinite life.
> Cephalid Illusionist: Fill up your graveyard, then unload with your reanimator strategy of choice. I use unearth creatures + Songs of the Damned myself.
Posted By: Ichorix (1/25/2010 12:09:25 AM)


@Chinkeeyong: Because you can't equip a creature equipped with Lightning Greaves. It has shroud now, remember. BTW, Cephalid Breakfast.
Posted By: Ratoly (1/24/2011 7:15:56 AM)


@Savange: It will in a Kor deck ;)
Posted By: boneclub (5/4/2010 7:18:23 PM)


Sure its cheap, but when does +1/+0 actually make that much of a difference?
Posted By: SavageBrain89 (6/25/2009 6:43:46 PM)


Its just bone saw minus one mana
Posted By: DOMAINFORDAWIN (5/30/2009 7:01:03 PM)