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Omnath is pretty smitten with this one.
Posted By: ZestuXIII (4/21/2011 4:22:40 PM)


I guess its like Howling Mine, but with mana.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (1/15/2010 2:58:11 PM)


Heh, remember this one. Used to get me killed so often. Especially since I already ran shamans, they'd use it to catch up. Funny way to die, good for a laugh
Posted By: NozzDogg (11/7/2010 2:44:10 PM)


This card explicitly says on it that it doesn't cause mana burn... learn to read?
Posted By: Henrietta (10/29/2011 1:38:37 PM)



No Kamigawa was just the furry set.
Posted By: Shadoflaam (12/30/2011 8:58:30 AM)


In Archenemy games, Shizuko's ability is hardly a drawback when your 2~5 teammates all get extra 3 mana per turn.
Posted By: Cyberium (8/7/2012 1:25:12 PM)


At least you can often make better use of this mana as your opponent, given that he or she doesn't run a green deck and may only use the mana accel for colorless mana.

If you can play her in your opponent's turn you'll get a little advantage since you'll get the mana at first.
This can be done with Aether Vial, Aluren, Vedalken Orrery, Winding Canyons or Scout's Warning.
Not all of the mentioned cards are worth using with her, though...
Posted By: Mode (8/9/2009 8:38:17 AM)


This is new...a snake with a rack?
Posted By: divine_exodus (11/1/2011 7:28:13 PM)


Almost every green card (other then weenie elves) that accelerate mana.... always benefit the opponent first... Even this being a legendary creature and turn 3 drop... still rewards your opponent first... Considering this is a turn 3 drop it should really only benefit the caster. I understand something like Magus of the Vineyard, which is a turn 1 drop! So ok... the benefit should be mutual... but by turn 3, so many decks can already be nearing a steady lock if not ending the game... Turn 3 drops should never benefit your opponents. Although within this creature definately lies something that should be rehashed into a newer card with a different twist, or a weaker body but only benefits the caster.

Posted By: Internet_decks_lame (3/7/2011 1:12:19 PM)


Another card weakened by the M10 removal of mana burn. I remember people getting burnt to death because they didn't have any way to spend the green mana.

Still a lot of fun in multiplayer though.
Posted By: GrimjawxRULES (4/26/2011 2:46:49 PM)


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