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"I'll take the first spell of your turn... AND COUNTER IT!"
Posted By: Totema (10/30/2011 4:41:23 PM)


I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for a Near, Breaker of Glass card in future.
Posted By: atemu1234 (11/1/2012 5:33:36 PM)


Even better now that it has "If Kira, Great Glass-Spinner would go to the graveyard, return it to your hand instead." Thanks, Alex!
Posted By: SweetoothTKC (12/19/2011 6:09:20 PM)


"I counter your Kira with my L!"

... Great, except L loses.
Posted By: Zoah (9/19/2010 2:16:42 AM)


Absurdly good creature protection, almost as good as outright giving them all hexproof. Perhaps even better, because at worst he (she? it?) will suck up two of your opponent's kill spells. If all else fails, a 2/2 flier for 3 CMC is still a good deal.
Posted By: Trygon_Predator (5/13/2012 1:00:55 PM)


"I'll take a potato chip...
and EAT IT!!!"
Posted By: Kryptnyt (3/26/2011 1:39:28 PM)


Semi-shroud!! This may be even more fun than actual shroud, since it presents your opponents with a very annoying question: should I waste two removal spells on one creature? The obvious answer being yes, since the other creatures are protected also. I'd say you should also play Vines of Vastwood with this card. Your opponent plays one removal spell, countered. The glass shield is down, so you can target Kira now too. Then they play another, and you respond with a Vines of Vastwood, kicked or unkicked. Meh heh heh heh!! And if they have another removal spell so what, they just used three cards to remove ONE creature. Kira, one of the best, most fun card designs ever. 5 outta 5.
Posted By: Selez (3/6/2010 11:14:29 AM)


Kira: Just as planned.
Posted By: Cyberium (6/26/2010 6:34:10 PM)


Great since as opposed to most other effects of that sort it protects itself, effectively forcing your opponent to waste one removal spell if he/she does not have any board sweepers.
On top of that Kira still provides a decent flyer at his cost.
Posted By: Mode (11/19/2009 9:22:52 AM)


This gem's low cmc ensures that even if they SOMEHOW manage to kill her, you can easily get her back if you are rocking soulshift.
Posted By: Dragasm (6/20/2012 12:34:08 PM)