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Notice how the stolen creature doesn't gain haste. Apparently that ability just serves to get any creatures who like to block 5/2's out the way.
Posted By: garbagegatherer (11/2/2009 5:17:56 AM)


I plan on using this with Greater Gargadon, if I get him out eventually that will just be a bonus. One mana to get rid of 10 stolen creatures is the real deal.
Posted By: TreeTrunkMaster (4/19/2011 9:30:37 PM)


This creatures alright. Cool Flip Art! Consider replacing this with Skyfire Kirin.
Posted By: AXER (1/1/2010 6:12:35 PM)


combine this with Bazaar Trader. Target yourself and will permanently own the stolen creature.
Posted By: alblast (10/9/2010 7:38:33 PM)


Actually, there are a number of things you can do with this. It can essentially stop you opponent from attacking altogether. When they attack, gain control of any creatures they don't use and have them block for you. With enough counters you can at least lock them down for a few turns. Otherwise you can gain control of their blockers and attack unblocked.

This can also combo with Crack the Earth to sacrifice two of their creatures. I use this AND the Kirin in my deck. It's fun to work with. I love that you don't HAVE to flip these cards when the requirement is met. I can charge as many Ki counters as I feel I need.
Posted By: OpeeFomenom (3/31/2011 11:16:00 PM)


@psychokid, sorry, but they do need hast, summoning sickness says if it has bean under your control sense the beginning of your last up keep, how ever, if you steal them during the untap step (before the upkeep) than you will get to attack.
Posted By: bijart_dauth (6/19/2010 4:08:42 PM)


how cunning
Posted By: DaaNz (3/14/2009 3:33:18 AM)


you can't use abilities during your untap step... this ability sucks ass.
Posted By: supershawn (3/14/2011 1:09:52 PM)


@garbagegatherer it doesn't gain haste cause if the creatures been out for more than 1 turn, it doesn't need haste
Posted By: psychokid121 (6/18/2010 1:26:18 PM)


you wish
Posted By: Hydrogoose (3/14/2009 3:33:43 AM)