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I don't remember Plow Under having a body...

Or getting back a spirit when it died...

Well it snot as good as plow under, but it looks like a nice addition to some sort of deck that was trying this.
Posted By: kitsunewarlock (3/4/2010 8:07:55 PM)


More like Fallow Earth, but possibly better...
Posted By: Ratoly (5/10/2010 12:52:17 PM)


A soulshifter that actually interests me. Too bad about the double colored mana costs.
Posted By: TPmanW (12/12/2010 3:49:04 PM)


The new M10 rule kinda weakened its power, but it's still good.

Posted By: Cyberium (6/2/2010 9:34:25 PM)


Huh. You don't see very many appropriately-costed kami out there. This guy isn't half bad.
Posted By: Mr.Wimples (1/30/2012 5:29:49 AM)


i just have to say - this is really really really fun to make repetitive (say with cauldron of souls and Melira, sylvok outcast - or enduring renewal) You completely kill your opponent's draw and lock down their deck while you get everything out. Fun fun fun :D
Posted By: Cloudchaser.Kestrel (6/2/2012 11:45:57 PM)


This makes a very interesting softlock with Gift of Immortality.
Not only that, but Soulshift allows you to return other spirits in the process!
Most importantly, you can do it each turn. So if you have GreenGreenGreenGreen available, you'll eventually Plow Under all his lands!

And both go well with Tallowisp. It becomes even better with Eidolon of Blossoms, which is not only a spirit as well,
but allows you to draw a card when Gift of Immortality returns. That's three layers of card advantage:
     • Reverse cantrip for your opponent, who will keep redrawing the same land.
     • You can return a Spirit card with CMC 3 or less to you hand.
     • You draw a card.

Hana Kami's saccing ability works with the Gift as well (as well as Rootrunner),
and might fit into such a deck with the right Arcanes. Maybe Kodama's Reach or Shining Shoal/autocar... (see all)
Posted By: Mode (4/11/2014 2:21:54 AM)