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u mad bro?
Posted By: luca_barelli (10/24/2011 6:31:30 PM)


finisher, just make sure the enemy cant take buffed crit out
Posted By: Imperialstonedragon (6/29/2011 1:03:02 PM)


Rather silly - it's a very expensive, offense only cousin to Giant Growth (a card that rarely sees play outside of Limited), that grants you the additional ability to throw away your army to make the single creature larger. So, it is potential card disadvantage (you need a creature to attack for this card to be useful), topped of with more card disadvantage (sacrificing creatures for a 1-shot combat buff.) Oh, and it only works on Spirits.

Yeah, basically worthless outside of some crazy deck that generatres mountains of Spirit tokens.
Posted By: Radagast (1/16/2011 1:52:34 PM)


Too conditional, too expensive and no toughness bonus.
Posted By: DragonLord132 (3/11/2012 5:52:28 AM)


Aren't many spirits in red, might have to run blue or white for that.
Changelings, perhaps?

Clearly, you have not seen Innistrad constructed.
Posted By: NoobOfLore (1/20/2012 12:49:57 PM)


Yes, first you need to be playing spirit tribal AND red mana. Then you also need to have 5 mana to cast it. It is still an instant, which makes it playable. Attack with seven 1/1 or stronger spirits, you opponent lets one through thinking he can survive one damage, play this and sacrifice 6 spirits. That's +21/+0 (counting +3/+0 plus +18/+0 for the spirits sacrificed).
That sounds pretty good, but I still only give it 2/5
Posted By: shotoku64 (5/28/2012 10:43:12 AM)


I think this card really wants to be 1 point of direct damage per spirit sacrificed rather than a combat buff. You could even move it to sorcery speed and it would still be reasonable.
Posted By: Fearsomecritter (6/4/2012 1:27:11 PM)


Oh, I don't think it's that bad. Spirit Tokens aren't hard to get nowadays. Run Promise of Bunrei and any of several cards that make 1/1 Flying tokens, swing for "1" (which they'll probably let through), sac the four tokens, make that 16.

If you're really upset about losing them, run it alongside Twilight Drover.

No one really expects this card.
Posted By: NARFNra (9/7/2013 10:39:22 AM)


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