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It works great with Villainous Ogre because the regeneration makes it harder for the opponent to two-for-one you by offing the Ogre.
Posted By: luca_barelli (4/20/2011 11:25:34 PM)


Just a little bit worse than Gutwrencher in my opinion, as the drawback is steeper and harder to get around. Still, it's not a huge drawback for a difficult to block being. Consider Filth when using Fear based creatures and you'll basically have on-curve unblockability against everything all the time while being able to block!
Posted By: blurrymadness (3/1/2013 8:37:53 AM)


Comparing this guy to Halo Hunter is odd. Halo boy had the unfortunate habit of punching my changeling upon arrival, which in turn lost me the ogre type needed to keep this guy from eating my other dudes. That's what I get for trying to go demon tribal.

On the other hand, this guy rarely lived too long since he was punching 5 life off most players a turn. That tends to draw fire.

And you can sacrifice him to himself if he's going to try and eat something you want to keep.
Posted By: psychichobo (4/17/2013 2:43:42 PM)


You know you can't regen a sacrifice, right?

I like this card with Grave Pact and anything that keeps coming back, like Reassembling Skeleton or Nether Traitor.
Posted By: Tovaras (7/19/2010 9:16:36 AM)


@YariMatthews; This doesn't fall to a lightning bolt (which, for one less damage per turn, is worth it to me) and is easier to pull off in multicolored decks. Halo Hunter basically wants to be all black, while this guy wants to be all Ogre/Oni.

@atsandwich; Kamigawan Onis and Ogres are intended to work well together. It's sort of a flavor thing.

@Tovaros; Villainous Ogre is, unsurprisingly, an Ogre. Why would he have to regen him from a sacrifice when he no longer needs to sacrifice anything?
Posted By: Aburaishi (1/1/2011 10:32:54 PM)


Halo Hunter one ups this card now I do believe.
Posted By: YariMatthews (12/14/2009 3:13:57 AM)


This card works really great with Villainous Ogre.
Posted By: atsandwich (12/19/2009 5:52:26 PM)


Has to be one of my favorites.
The whole sacrifice deal hurts it a bit, though.
Posted By: MoeRapples (1/27/2010 3:57:11 AM)


I think atsandwich means that they both get the bonuses for controlling an ogre/demon. And it's not a bad combo, i guess, but 5/4 fears for 5 are...pretty good, but not super great or anything. I agree, try halo hunter. And seriously, don't try halo hunter, it sucks =)
Posted By: channelblaze (9/12/2010 12:43:32 PM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!