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My favorite combo with this one is Death's Shadow and Dead Reckoning. The whole combo goes off for just 5 mana, and it's mono black.
Posted By: themlsna (6/2/2010 12:15:17 PM)


This card is one of those cards that makes me want to make a deck with black in it, or i want to add it to all of my decks.

play it on an opponents attacking creature, then block with everything you have
of course there is shivan meteor, and a couple of others that deal massive damage to creatures, especially with more indestructible.

Only thing you have to watch out for is sacrifice effects etc,

this could be built round black and any other color except probably blue, green with its big creatures, red for direct damage, white for its pumping of creatures,

this is a good solid card
Posted By: Ava_Adore (2/5/2011 8:23:51 AM)


I once played this on an opponent's Stuffy Doll at instant speed. His expression was priceless.
Posted By: Xenobody (12/30/2009 2:12:18 PM)


It's actually not even that bad in general, in fact i would consider this to be a very joyful addition to a Core Set.
It's simple, yet can help players learn why making use of instant-speed can be that advantageous.
If you play it within combat you'll be able to have you opponent lose two life, plus he'll possibly refrain from greatly using his creature in future turns.
And this card could of course awaken the inner Johnny of new players, which can't combo around that much with simple starter cards most of the time.
I know i'm ranting a lot right now, but this just seems to be the perfect Core Set card to me.

Besides, it's a buffed reprint of Binding Agony!
Posted By: Mode (10/10/2009 6:18:12 AM)


I always thought that this card, like Binding Agony, was only mediocre... until I realized just how much Flash can help. Play this not on a blocking creature, but a blocked one. A blocked-by-your-whole-team one.
Posted By: HuntingDrake (9/11/2010 3:08:44 AM)


My favorite application of this is casting hold the line while blocking the enchanted creature with all of yours. Three blockers equals at least 21 life lost, which in most cases means game.
Posted By: jsttu (2/2/2011 11:07:44 AM)


what about shivan meteor ?
Posted By: Shikadi (8/10/2009 10:16:36 AM)


One of the cards that screams 'please build around me!' just based solely on how gorgeous it is
Posted By: TeamJD (11/13/2008 11:48:53 AM)


A deceptively good common... a Johnny once used Crushing Pain on a creature with 3 ragged veins to kill me at 18 health :O. Treat it like a Black Burn spell. In a B/R deck it can also dish out some pain when your strong creatures get blocked...
Posted By: Volcre (8/31/2009 5:28:06 AM)


Kindle the Carnage and Autochthon Wurm
Posted By: Merivel (8/8/2009 4:47:25 PM)