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Who doesn't want to play a guitar that -bleeds-? It's certainly very pricey for what seems like a pretty weak effect, but it would be fun in a token deck or any other that focused on generating a waterfall of tiny monsters.
Of course nothing I say can be taken seriously. My dyslexia made me read this card as 'High-Strung Koto', view it as a Creature card, and consider that the girl didn't look all that tense considering she was holding a clearly evil instrument.
Posted By: GradiustheFox (3/3/2010 2:20:34 AM)


Fantastic, evocatively horrifying Rebecca Guay artwork.

Usually this card is going to be used as an alternate win condition in a deck full of critters or tokens. At least, that's how I've used it... If I can't attack or the opponent is immune to damage, then I can use this to mill them instead.
Posted By: BegleOne (8/21/2011 8:54:39 PM)


lol myr deck w/ myr galvanizer and quest for renewal
Posted By: ChampionofSquee (10/17/2010 11:14:15 AM)


You get to turn all your untapped creatures into milling in your opponent's end step.
Even if you don't go nuts with tokens, that's still a tidy bit of free mill every turn; if it cost less, it'd be overpowered.
Also? Hey guys! Oona, Queen of the Fae.
Posted By: Zuriga_Sungama (11/18/2010 6:55:45 PM)


That art is beautiful and horrifying. Not horrifying like, say, the blunt Macabre Waltz; no, the more you look at this, the more you realize what's going on, and your skin starts to crawl. This unfortunate woman has gone insane from the sound of the koto, and has been playing it until her fingers bled.
Play with token decks. You will not be disappointed.
Posted By: Trygon_Predator (5/6/2012 3:16:53 PM)


"The artwork on this card makes no sense in relation to the card's effect. Why is the woman playing the koto slipping into dementia and bleeding instead of the swans? "

This Koto produces a mind-wracking sound, eliminating thought and making it impossible to concentrate. It's this effect that correlates to the milling effect.

The swans appear to be rebuked by the sound, and the woman is the one playing it. It would make sense that her prolonged exposure to the Koto is forcing her into dementia.

Additionally, anyone saying that this card is too expensive is simply insane. The {6} cost of this card could translate to "You win the game." if played right. cards like Tome Scour and Memory Sluice are cheap, but only come around 4 times in a single deck, and require four draws each. With just one draw and enough tokens, you could win the game as soon as this spell resolves.

In my opinion, this is the single most powerful mill card i've seen... (see all)
Posted By: Kelrath (6/2/2010 12:29:10 PM)


Well, as soon as i get a pact of the titan this will go into my EDH deck

this+pact of the titan+ djinn illuminatus?

i see myself milling everyone at the same time, (and if they want to respond to the mill, ill just tap another 1000 creatures)
Posted By: Havens (5/19/2010 4:03:23 AM)


My God people, just put this in a token deck.
Posted By: EnV (4/9/2010 6:26:36 PM)


Only good for infinite creature combos but for 6, I'd rather use a more efficient win condition like, say, attacking.
Posted By: UNBAN_SHAHRAZAD (11/7/2009 4:14:14 PM)


Seriously, EnV has it right. I have a friend whose Saproling deck that could generate several thousand tokens a turn by turn three. This was basically the win condition, simply because with several thousand tokens by turn three, and this out by the same turn, it was an instant win.

God people. Seriously?
Posted By: Lateralis0ne (5/14/2010 11:06:25 AM)


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