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Beautiful art, decent body, great ability, and a supported creature type. Not the best creature ever, of course, but a lovely card all the same.
Posted By: Azazyel (5/1/2010 9:14:12 PM)


Ah another idiot who believes all creature with 3 toughness or less are worthless due to reprint of lightning bolt.
I mean . . this creature was, up to this point, destroyed by doom blade, terror, incinerate, terminate, ghastly demise, cruel edict, diabolic edict, flamebreak, smother, slaughter pact, soul reap, wretched banquet, vendetta, shard volley, strafe, sunlace, etc.
And now, a addition of lightning bolt into this list, makes this card completely pointless.
I would give 0/5 to your comment . . but I guess .5/5 will do.
Posted By: Hoonster (3/10/2011 11:34:10 PM)


Azazyel: you forgot to mentoin solid p/t.
Posted By: skew (8/17/2010 5:44:22 AM)


Works well in a Sages of the Anima deck.
Posted By: Blackworm_Bloodworm (11/8/2010 1:08:12 PM)


You know what they say about wizards with big hands.
Posted By: Vedalken_Arbiter (9/23/2011 9:44:53 AM)


What, no mention of Azami, Lady of Scrolls?
Posted By: sonorhC (10/29/2011 10:27:47 AM)


Pretty good back up for your spellbook or Reliquary Tower in singleton.
Posted By: TPmanW (8/25/2011 8:28:24 PM)


@Vedalken_Arbiter: Oh yeah. Big gloves!
Posted By: Totema (4/23/2012 11:51:50 AM)


@cerealboxofdoom: you may want to think about Circular Logic, if you're combining countering with discarding.

@TDL: It isn't lightning bolt that renders the card useless, it's Spellbook and Reliquary Tower.

Having the wizard type is small consolation for a card with such a big target on it. If you've got 12 cards in your hand, and this thing gets killed, you have to discard 5 cards as well. Much safer to keep this ability on an artifact or a land.
Posted By: ScissorsLizard (5/12/2012 10:47:08 PM)


Panty shot.....wait, this isn't my spellbook
Posted By: Forgeling (8/21/2009 5:38:38 PM)