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Apparently, Kamigawa tree of paradise is better guarded than one in Eden.
Posted By: Cyberium (2/11/2012 8:23:09 PM)


Leyline of Singularity? Also prevents any duplication and makes all creatures legendary, which could be helpful with say Day of Destiny.
Posted By: littlebeast (2/2/2010 12:38:19 AM)


Haha. I could use this with Blood Seeker
Posted By: Batstewart (11/10/2009 10:01:07 PM)


Sure you can Coufu, but unless you spend that mana you'll take some burn. If you're playing Æther Flash and Repercussion it's a good idea to toss a few of these in there instead of Mountains, if that's what you're thinking, but it's still going to give you some mana burn if you leave it unspent before the current phase ends.
Posted By: crenel (6/4/2009 5:34:24 PM)


By itself this land is rather one of the worse WUBRG/paradise lands, but it has great combo potential and often lets you turn the drawback into a further advantage:

Nine-Ringed Bo seems to be the most obvious way to kill those guys, but isn't really worth using since you won't be able to make further use of this artifact, thus only resulting in card disadvantage.
But either the combo mentioned by crenel with Æther Flash (and Repercussion) works nice,
or Goblin Sharpshooter to get rid of them (and other 1/1 chump blockers),
Avatar of Might can be used for reducing its cost by {{6}},
Sheltering Ancient to provide creatures for its cumulative cost,
Biomantic Mastery for some extra cards,
Congregate/Divine Congregation for some extra life,
Mana Echoes for mana accel - given that you're running a s... (see all)
Posted By: Mode (8/9/2009 10:40:37 AM)


Might be obvious but Curse of Death's Hold from Innistrad works too.
Posted By: Ike38 (12/27/2011 10:37:28 AM)


Mode what are you on about. "One of the worst Paradise lands". Why don't you list the paradise lands you think are better I'd like to know which ones you think they are. And @everyone why would you bother moulding your whole deck just to counteract this pithing disadvantage its not worth wasting card slots for.
Posted By: MDStrawHat (3/5/2010 5:16:06 PM)


This doesn't even come into play tapped. If the spirits had flying, this might not be so good, but as is, it's great!
Posted By: land_comment (3/27/2011 11:37:27 AM)


Actually good with Ascendant Evincar, because it autokills all nonblack 1/1's.
Posted By: VoidedNote (3/13/2010 4:11:40 PM)


Wow, I can't believe someone actually listed a whole bunch of cards. Nice little Timmy cards, but all you needed to put was Oath of Druids. It's an easy combo with Progenitus for the win!
Posted By: Kislev (8/11/2009 3:13:08 AM)