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Sorcery clause kills it, since you can't easily sack things already headed to the grave.
Posted By: Tanaka348 (11/27/2009 10:20:58 PM)


A mini-Sadistic Hypnotist. Doesn't seem nearly as good.
Posted By: HuntingDrake (5/13/2012 4:50:44 PM)


A creature version of Mind Slash, but you don't get the choice of card.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (10/16/2011 9:02:47 PM)


combo with Nath of the Gilt-Leaf to make sure your opponent never has a hand
Posted By: Yadude13 (8/30/2010 2:45:31 PM)


A poor card which may only have use in a token-heavy deck. Johnny has better options.
Posted By: Skeptical Mario (8/14/2009 10:55:05 AM)


Works in conjunction with Marrow-Gnawer, but forcing discard would be somewhat less productive than attacking with a small army of rats.
Posted By: Fadingstar (8/30/2010 12:00:48 AM)


"Sorcery clause kills it, since you can't easily sack things already headed to the grave." -- Tanaka348

Agreed. They should have loosened the activation restriction to: "Use this ability only during your turn."
This way, it would still have been impossible to abuse his ability as a soft lock to prevent your opponent from drawing any more cards, yet you would have been able to 'recycle' creatures that would have died anyways.

He might still find some use in token decks, particularly rat tribal.
As Fadingstar said, he works well with Marrow-Gnawer.
Posted By: Mode (5/19/2013 2:46:40 PM)


He also works great with shiri.
Posted By: Rancid_Raptor (1/30/2014 2:29:29 PM)


Plenty of rats in other blocks will pop discard effects on their own upon being sent to the graveyard, this lil' dude would work nicely in a tribal rat EDH deck because of that. Sure, it's not the most amazing thing but in EDH eventually you hit a point where not every card in your library is going to be an amazing card in its own right. I like him. I have a thing for both rat and shaman tribes though. 3/5
Posted By: GnarkillAU (3/11/2014 5:52:01 AM)