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Yes, it's a black mechanic, therefore you play Devouring Greed with them.
The white one is the weakest of the cycle.
Posted By: holgir (8/11/2009 4:59:20 AM)


I like this in my GW spirit deck. I use it to block, get 2 life and with all the soulshift comes back sooner or later to do it again... 3.5/5
Posted By: tantallum99 (3/11/2010 7:22:09 PM)


I like to stack Silent-Chant and Ashen-Skin Zuberas then hit with a Day of Judgement in one of my white/black decks. Multiplies their abilities and gets rid of anything my opponent has at the same time.
Posted By: Bishop084 (8/24/2010 2:06:00 PM)


I've always disliked the Zuberas. It's basically just a black mechanic (the more you sacrifice the more you get) spread across all colors. Not every color wants to give stuff up and many of the Zuberas were overcosted.
Posted By: sweetestsadist (11/13/2008 11:26:11 AM)


If this cost 1 it'd be worth playing. As is it's decidedly mediocre.
Posted By: Bluehero (6/2/2010 11:42:39 AM)


Another target for Shields of Velis Vel?
Posted By: KikiJikiTiki (8/11/2010 6:05:06 PM)


Meh, there's always Conspiracy and Wrath with this guy.
Posted By: bay_falconer (9/28/2012 2:33:28 PM)


I think it is funny that some people think that 2 mana is too much for a 1/2 with a compounding effect. If you are spreading it across 5 colors, then think with 5 colors... Remembrance and Bloodbond March with a deck based on these is just sick... add in any graveyard recursion like Lifeline or Shirei and it just goes nuts from there.
Posted By: Dreznin (12/14/2012 2:30:56 PM)


Also seen on Shining shoal
Posted By: wildbartty (5/27/2014 6:04:12 PM)


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