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Guys, this IS a shuriken. Not all shuriken are frikkin himashuriken (flat, pinwheel types). And this is NOT a kunai. Kunai are not throwing knives but instead are gardening tools that were used as a close range weapon. Manga/anime generally do not have accurate representations of what these tools looked like and artists often borrow from each other rather than relying on historical sources. So stop bashing the art or the name! Thanks.
Posted By: JaeMi (11/7/2010 6:32:24 PM)


The epitome of top-down design. The card looks weird until you realize: It's a weapon your creature can throw at your opponent's guys. If they do, your opponent can pick it up and use it against you UNLESS A SNEAKY NINJA WAS THROWING IT. Then he reclaims the shuriken for further use. That is so awesome I don't even care about the card's power level.
Posted By: Rainyday2012 (8/26/2009 6:28:50 PM)


K so my buddy was throwing these stupid shuriken at me and he believed that he could have like 2 or 3 equipped to one ninja and with one tap, all of the shuriken are thrown at once rather than just one. I don't think he's right and I just wanted to see what the consensus because I can't find anywhere that says specifically one way or the other.
Posted By: Kevvyb (6/23/2011 9:54:07 PM)


A ninja in the hand is better than two on the battlefield.

A ninja in the hand is a wonderful thing, piggybacking on another creature's evasion abilities, bouncing a creature which can be cast again for combo potential, taking your opponent by surprise and committing a delightful act of sabotage.

A ninja on the battlefield is a sad affair, out in the open with no inherent way to infiltrate enemy lines, and power and toughness scores insufficient to force their way through or defend their master. Left twiddling their thumbs, they can either throw away their lives on a pointless chump-block or wait for their champion to lead them to victory.

A ninja puts idle hands to good use with shuriken. At best, complete and utter devastation of the opposition's ranks; at worst, a chump-block becomes a trade.

A ninja deck needs ninja. A ninja deck needs cheap evasive creatures to propogate ninja. But with only these, many resources will be wasted. S... (see all)
Posted By: MisterAction (8/11/2011 12:24:17 AM)


If you control Leonin Shikari and a Shuriken, you can unattach and reequip Shuriken as much as your mana allows you before your opponent gains control of it.
Posted By: ultratog1028 (5/28/2012 2:38:26 PM)


I run this in a multiplayer deck with no Ninjas. You just chuck it out onto the board and watch it bounce around between opponents, it's great!
Posted By: LordRandomness (8/18/2012 6:06:48 AM)


Creatures with Changeling are suspiciously adept with ancient Oriental weapons.
Posted By: Salient (11/21/2012 8:39:12 PM)


I can't help but giggle whenever I read this card. Say what you will, Kamigawa is just about the most flavorful set of Magic to date.
Posted By: DoragonShinzui (3/14/2012 12:56:56 PM)


Both of you are so right, this card drips with flavour. Late game combos with this are hilarious if you have enough mana.
Posted By: GrimGorgonBC (1/2/2010 11:26:04 AM)


Not a powerhouse, but fun to use. Recursive direct damage in blue and black.
Great flavour with a bonus of showing that shuriken were not only star-shaped.

Stupid sideboard time:
Who's shuriken throwing ninja's best friend against other ninja? Amoeboid Changeling!
Posted By: Helianthus (8/8/2009 9:14:03 AM)