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Shandalar works on Windows XP too. :-)

And this card is nice. Maybe it will get reprinted in a more modern form.
Posted By: Ameisenmeister (5/6/2010 4:06:16 AM)


Good flavor for Black.
Posted By: Ibn_Shisha (6/12/2010 5:35:20 PM)


I don't think I've ever played this creature in real Magic, but in Shandalar (the old Magic computer game) it used to be guite good.
Posted By: Angerr (2/11/2009 4:05:21 PM)


yes it is...I've also only played this card in Shandalar...
Posted By: Guest57443454 (7/1/2009 6:46:02 PM)


Boy! I remember playing this card with 2 or 3 Unholy Strength. Ah. I miss the old days.
Posted By: John-Bender (7/4/2009 9:34:11 PM)


is that the windows 95 game?
Posted By: maestroanth (6/26/2009 10:16:21 PM)


Permanent regeneration shields? Awesome. Obviously for MBC so you can keep destroying creatures. Probably want a way to kill one when he comes into play
Posted By: blurrymadness (4/2/2013 10:59:12 AM)


If you can get it to survive one board wipe, odds are good it'll survive the rest too. A somewhat obscure Worldslayer target that still works just fine.
Posted By: LordRandomness (5/16/2013 11:38:59 PM)


Brad leaned against a tree in exhaustion. He'd looked everywhere but could not find his wedding ring. It must have fallen off while he was scavenging a corpse, but where? He'd checked all the corpses he'd scavenged, in all the usual places (skull sockets, chest cavities, etc). Maybe he'd accidentally eaten it while chowing down on one of his trademark "Scavenge-wiches". This was not going to be a pleasant conversation with the wife.
Posted By: TimCrockett (7/30/2013 3:02:20 PM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!