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Fictionarious, that doesn't work, because Counterspell itself hits the graveyard, sending Energy Field to the graveyard as well. Of course, it CAN save Lorthos.
Posted By: AlphaNumerical (10/23/2009 11:07:03 PM)


Ah, well, I meant just Lorthos. That would have been enough, really.
Posted By: Fictionarious (10/30/2009 7:15:54 PM)


+ another comment for it: Once you've countered their stuff, you can ping them with it, 1 by 1. Plus its still a counter if they try funny stuff. Yum.
Posted By: Alqatrkapa (2/5/2010 4:37:50 PM)


Definitely not a rare. Ertai, Wizard Adept; now THAT was a rare.
Posted By: themlsna (6/7/2010 2:50:25 AM)


I love the flavor text on this card. Its also not too bad either, invest in a counterspell and bait your opponent to kill this instead of Guile, or have it ready for once he hits the field.
Posted By: Pwnsaw (9/21/2009 6:20:32 PM)


Compare to Patron Wizard.
Posted By: tankthebest (6/1/2012 8:08:49 PM)


Why play this card instead of Counterspell? Well why not use both in a mono blue control? You see, you will play this on turn three or a turn when it is safe to play it, don't play it on turn three if an opponent has something threatening. And any turn after the turn you played this card=free counter.
Posted By: EnV (12/10/2009 9:10:05 PM)


A Cancel on two feet. Useful if you're playing against a discard-heavy opponent and want to keep your counterspell on the field, but obviously not the most efficient way in the galaxy to do that. Situatioanl at best, maybe good in a Wizard Tribal.

Posted By: Gaussgoat (2/27/2010 5:26:34 AM)


Why would anyone put such a lame creature that dies so easily with a tao abillity that you can't you activate it by the time you need it? better play a Cancel instead
Posted By: SwordSkill (9/20/2009 5:16:19 PM)


@SwordSkill S H U T the F U C K up. Cancel? You Say Thats Only The Clunkiest Most Boring Spell Known To Magic. This Card Is Fine Douchebag
Posted By: MasterOfEtherium (7/30/2010 11:21:13 PM)


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