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Combine with Price of Glory for ultimate "screw you" to control decks
Posted By: Wychwood (1/21/2011 4:51:11 AM)


One of the most evil cards against control and blue in general, a must have if you are running high cmc cards or want to rush the blue player

2 colourless mana is affordable to any deck, and should avoid most counterspells

Posted By: Paladin85 (8/23/2011 1:51:28 AM)


Probably the most versatile and effective way to deal with control. Some cards like City of Solitude or Dosan the Falling Leaf work as well, but the two mana tag completely captivates me - and it's colorless!

You won't be disappointed by having four of these in your sideboard. Yes, they might themselves be prone to counters, and to some extent Vexing Shusher is better in that field, but if you're not running red or green you won't have much of a choice, anyway. I actually run this in my mono-blue, counterless deck.

5/5! Great card.
Posted By: KillerWhiskey (3/9/2010 4:06:24 PM)


Mana Leak Shield says No.
Posted By: dberry02 (8/23/2010 12:12:22 AM)


in general, white hates everything except blue, that's why its hard to find "blue hate" cards outside of C.O.P. blue, and the like.

my deck parfait has 3 in its sideboard..

take that fish!
Posted By: zenitramleirdag (1/9/2012 11:29:10 PM)


If only it were legal.
I hate control decks. Theyre so wanky. Slowly whittle you down while taking pleasure in the misery of others.
Beat me down with a double striking trampler anyway.
Posted By: psyklone (6/21/2010 11:47:32 AM)


This should be in standard distracting faeries
Posted By: Qazior (8/1/2009 3:11:12 AM)


A good cheap card for making others have to use more mana to play spells. And if you mix it with power sink you can really mess some one up.
Posted By: morgan_wagner1 (6/11/2009 9:44:32 AM)


Take that, control decks.
Posted By: Zulp (1/4/2010 5:35:40 PM)


Great T2 drop. Price of Glory is the followup, and good old Kaervek the Merciless brings home the bacon later on (or sooner if you zombify him). Throw in mindslaver and have your opponant kill themselves.
Posted By: N03y3D33R (1/13/2014 2:29:05 AM)