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@Polycotton: Let's make him a 1/2 Satyr while we're at it!
Posted By: Continue (10/8/2013 1:49:15 PM)


Remake this guy with a new name and casting cost of 1G and it's on.
Posted By: Polycotton (4/14/2013 8:30:27 PM)


Leyin down the law!
Posted By: Kryptnyt (10/7/2011 2:48:20 PM)


The old art was much much better
Posted By: SPhoenix (7/31/2010 7:55:12 AM)


nice knowing you in your white hood, but you are another causlty to power creep my freind. never will you untap a wild growthed forest again :(
Posted By: Mindbend (6/21/2010 2:59:27 PM)


Replaced by Arbor Elf? Ley Druid untaps Gaea's Cradle and Tolarian Acadamy, you know.
Posted By: Cyberium (7/18/2010 10:44:23 PM)


Aaron’s Random Card Comment of the Day #53, 1/6/11

Ley Druid took a few years off between Fifth Edition and this, its final (to date) printing in Ninth Edition. In the meantime a strictly better version showed up in Torment (Krosan Restorer), but other than that Ley Druid has a line of text that we just haven’t been using all that often recently.

Back in the day (1996 maybe?), my brother had a fun casual deck with 4x Ley Druid and 4x Juniper Order Druid (a functional reprint) along with a bunch of nifty lands like Desert, Maze of Ith, Thawing Glaciers, and Mishra's Factory. Fun deck. Ley Druid is a pretty fun card.

The thing is, at 2Green it just isn’t priced competitively… and I don’t mean priced for tournament play, I simply mean priced low enough to compete for slots with today’s other mana fixers, even in casual decks. I su... (see all)
Posted By: Aaron_Forsythe (1/6/2011 11:09:48 PM)


When I first looked at this art it looked as though the guy was giving a thumbs up, as if advertising the forest or the green mana.
Posted By: Shasticus (6/3/2011 7:30:40 PM)


It's Arbor Elfs not-so-smart child >.>
Posted By: cjgrimmreaper (11/16/2010 9:08:58 PM)


Replaced by Krosan Restorer.
Posted By: pumaman83 (11/29/2010 8:44:29 AM)