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Perfect lead-in for the "Calvin Coolidge, Planeswalker" card coming out in the Innistrad block.

+1: Do nothing

-2: Put a 1/1 creature token into play named "Warren G. Harding". All damage that would be done to you this turn is instead dealt to Warren G. Harding.

-8: You get an emblem saying "for the rest of the game, opponents cannot cast spells on your turn". Say, "you lose" to your opponent.
Posted By: Enemy_Tricolor (3/14/2011 11:11:50 PM)


Because it's a good quote, and there were far worse presidents then Coolidge, that same decade, Hoover comes to mind.
Posted By: Gilgiga (1/2/2010 10:32:26 AM)


hoover gets a bad rap. he began set the precedent for alot of new deal programs that FDR expanded on. the worst president of that decade was easily Warren Harding. his administration was rife with corruption and scandal.

and this card is pretty bad, waay too expensive. in a white weenie deck i'd almost always prefer Honor of the Pure or at least Glorious Anthem.
Posted By: krockgreen (6/27/2010 11:05:34 AM)


I never thought I'd be reading about Depression-era US presidents in a discussion about Magic cards, but hey, whatever works!

Posted By: Radagast (12/16/2010 12:41:48 PM)


Out of all the presidents to borrow qoutes from, why Coolidge? Wasn't he one of our worst presidents? How many magic players would even know who Coolidge was anyway?
Posted By: SavageBrain89 (7/15/2009 7:42:27 PM)


Hey Hoover wasn't a bad president. He just wanted the people to get off their butts and fix the recession themselves instead of him doing it for them. He believed that the people should learn to help themselves. Obviously the people didn't want to do that.

Overall an ok card. it's a surprise to the opponent, which explains the one extra mana cost over the enchantment versions.
Posted By: WhiteyMcFly (5/10/2010 8:23:55 AM)


Apparantly she gave her shirt.
Posted By: pigknight (12/28/2010 12:28:54 PM)


All creatures you control get plus 1/1 at instant speed for 3 cmc, and this card is rated at half of a star?
Posted By: themlsna (10/14/2010 3:01:14 AM)


lol, EnemyTricolor. Anyways, its sort of odd seeing flavour text from ol' Cal on a Magic card.
Posted By: luca_barelli (8/17/2011 12:20:50 AM)


Inspired Charge all the way
Posted By: use643 (9/21/2011 6:51:48 PM)