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Weak card. Shame that the art looks awesome. Maybe if it was an instant and had draw a card, 3.5/5 rating.
Posted By: console_gamer (5/10/2010 8:02:33 PM)


I dont think I would play this if it cost 0 mana.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (11/18/2013 12:06:45 AM)


When I first started learning Magic, I learned to hate this card. It was featured in the demo game I played, and I was always sad to see one - or, the horror, more! - in my starting hand. It was like having one card less.

Oh, and I still feel the same. Life gain at the cost of card advantage is one of those things I truly hate in this game.
Posted By: Rainyday2012 (11/13/2009 9:04:43 PM)


CoughLife Burstcough.
Posted By: stygimoloch (12/3/2008 9:40:22 AM)


wow and i thought sarcasm could never be funny!
Posted By: DaaNz (3/26/2009 2:52:15 AM)


This is one of the best standard cards you can find in white decks.
You pay 1 any and 1 white for FOUR LIFE!!!
No seriousy, isn't it awesome???
Posted By: macic666 (3/1/2009 2:18:44 AM)


life burst is way betterr..............
Posted By: zositmos (7/16/2010 8:53:00 PM)


It's weak for lifegain, and lifegain is unimpressive to begin with.
I might consider playing it with a cantrip, but until then, no way.
Posted By: NoobOfLore (8/19/2011 11:23:39 PM)


███     ███     ██
█   █     █   █     █    █
██        ███     █    █
█   █     █   █     █    █
███     █   █     ██
Posted By: azure_drake222222 (2/5/2013 12:28:22 PM)


There are so many cards strictly better than this that it's not even funny. (And a few that may as well be except for the tiny niggle that they're vulnerable to Remove Soul, et al)

Oh wait, yes it is.
Posted By: LordRandomness (12/22/2011 12:25:54 AM)


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