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Just found out about this card. Seems really, really good. Of course, if you and your opponent both hit your land drops it could potentially be a 1/1 that just sits there, but the second they get ahead in land, you get card advantage.

To make things even better, it functions really well with fetchlands of any type (provided the land sacrifice is part of the cost) - if you activate the ability of the fetchland, you may be behind your opponent in lands (this will be common if you and your opponent have both been hitting your land drops), which will enable you to activate this dude and search for a land even though you wouldn't have been behind your opponent when the fetchland ability finally resolves. =D
Posted By: JaxsonBateman (5/10/2011 6:57:27 AM)


Combo this card with lands that have a sac cost. Respond to the trigger by using him before the trigger resolves. Windswept Heath, Strip Mine, etc.
Posted By: Crag-Hack (7/24/2011 2:57:37 PM)


Great card for deck filtering 4.5/5
Posted By: murdershot21 (8/1/2010 10:42:09 PM)


Very nice in casual.

Posted By: Orza (1/15/2011 7:02:18 AM)


It's like Land Tax! Except not nearly as broken. Still good, though. Fetches nonbasics, huge card advantage, etc...
Posted By: Fanaticmogg (2/5/2011 3:47:04 PM)


How is this card only 4/5? This is one of the top 5 one-drops in the history of the color white! This card has a simple premise: if you're on the draw, you can have any land you want in your deck on the battlefield on turn 2. How can you not love that?

Even without that scenario, this is still an amazing card! One of the most underrated cards on Gatherer
Posted By: Troutz (2/9/2011 6:04:36 PM)


Amazing card, filters land out of your deck (meaning no late game land draws, LAWLZ) and stops your opponent from getting a leg up.
HOWEVER, the single most important part is this: YOU CAN SEARCH FOR NON BASIC LAND. ANY LAND IN THE GAME CAN BE FOUND BY THIS PIOUS DUDE! Makes him endlessly invaluable.
Posted By: Callipsa (10/7/2009 10:45:27 AM)


I really dislike the Land Tax mechanic. Why did you lose? Because you played that sixth land that you didn't need, and your opponent got to activate this every turn.

Cards like this require you to pay attention to every detail like a land drop, and punish you hard when you do something you're too used to. A similar situation occurs when it comes to cards like Maro. I think both of these are discontinued for the most part, with the most recent Land Tax-type card appearing in Alara (Knight of the White Orchid) and the most recent Maro-type card appearing in Eventide (Overbeing of Myth).
Posted By: Gabriel422 (7/26/2011 4:37:25 AM)


I wish we had a Land Tax like effect in Standard. High hopes for Innistrad and Dark Ascension!
Posted By: DacenOctavio (9/7/2011 1:36:56 AM)


Not bad at all, especially considering both him and the ability only cost . Although, if your running a deck that isn't non-basic land dependent, then Knight of the White Orchid is better.
Posted By: Londemonium (7/28/2010 11:08:20 AM)


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