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Simple and straightforward. The flavor text is somewhat appropriate for the mechanic as well. The name seems a little ...odd, but I like the style of the piece. It's basically a Glory Seeker that must attack whenever possible...I'd suggest Vigilance to get around that, but hey, it's a 2/2 for {1}{R}, it's a Goblin, and chances are it'll be flung via Siege-Gang Commander. So, it's kinda meh for me.
2.5/5 for a weak card with interesting flavor.
Posted By: Lateralis0ne (5/26/2010 7:01:05 PM)


@Sironos: For red it should. Compare goblin hero, a vanilla 2/2 for 2Red and it is rare. red almost always has a drawback for 2/2s for 1Red.
Posted By: jsttu (1/17/2011 5:32:38 PM)


It should have a drawback - 2 cmc for a 2/2 is the remit of Green; if Green doesn't win the rugged, vanilla creature battle, it doesn't have much going for it.

Posted By: Hanksingle (11/5/2011 7:40:29 AM)


Are some of you really complaining about a red 2/2 goblin warrior for 2 cmc with a low color weight...

Have you seen most black 2/2s? better yet. Have you seen most black 1/1s?

My point is each color has their strengths and weakness. We all know that their have been a few duds but if your unhappy with a workable card because it has a drawback maybe your in the wrong color or maybe your a spoiled brat.
Posted By: Marlo12345 (9/5/2012 10:17:02 PM)


@jsttu: Actually, no, it shouldn't.

Blue and black have forever been known as the control colors because of what they do. They sacrifice large bodies for interesting and useful effects, and the large bodies they do have come at a cost and/or with effects.

But now those two colors are getting things stronger than they should, the most outrageous example being Walking Corpse. You may think it's nothing, but the fact that a control color now has a flat out flawless Runeclaw Bear where red still does not is just plain wrong. Personally, I feel Walking Corpse never should have happened, but it did, and we need to start addressing this apparent—or what appears to be—power creep.

The time has come for red, as an aggressive color, to have its creatures at least on the same level as white, if not even more offensively inclined. Red, Green and White (which should be more defensive than it is) are the aggro colors. And while ne... (see all)
Posted By: Blackworm_Bloodworm (9/21/2012 11:00:02 PM)


2/2 for 2CMC shouldnøt have a drawback.
Posted By: Sironos (6/9/2010 3:15:40 PM)


pick this over goblin hero red attacks a lot so it is not a bad card could use something else though like first strike or haste
Posted By: penguinmage25 (11/5/2011 5:32:06 AM)


If "attacks each turn if able" is a drawback, you're playing your goblin deck wrong.
Posted By: LordRandomness (7/16/2013 6:23:16 AM)


One of the advantages of this over say, Goblin Wardriver (or other 2/2s without drawbacks) is this guy will still swing if your opponent takes control of your turn with Mindslaver...it's not a big advantage but at least it's something.

Seriously though, there are better cards, especially with the Goblin subtype...
Posted By: tcollins (4/12/2014 5:19:44 AM)


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