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If you see her full art, it's clear she's saying "You'd better take that hand off my arm right now, mister, or I'll take it off yours instead."
Posted By: kazenpaus (11/10/2011 5:02:57 AM)


good card and even better art.
Posted By: dragonking987 (8/26/2010 12:10:49 PM)


Combos well with Twilight Drover.
Posted By: Cyberium (7/18/2010 10:55:33 PM)


Even without infinite combos, you receive pretty much for your three mana! :) Obviously, you want to create many black creature tokens, but unfortunately, this is not easy because black creature tokens are usually larger and require much effort, just take a look at Zombie Infestation.. My two suggestions are Skirk Ridge Exhumer, who creates little black 1/1 creature tokens that really want to leave play, and Worm Harvest, also one of the most potent creature token engine cards! :) Together with this card right here and Twilight Drover, of course..
Posted By: cats_and_me (12/5/2010 4:01:02 AM)


Edit: Actually goofed on my Turn 3 idea, Ornithopter won't mill anything when its sac'd to the Altar first time (0 power), but it does get you the 1/1 spirit which you can then sac to start the milling.
Posted By: Mirvana (8/10/2010 1:09:13 PM)


Great fun with Hero of Bladehold. You can declare that you're attacking with the Hero, whereupon you get the white soldier tokens, then use those tokens as part of the sacrifice to knock out a big defender.
Posted By: Lavrant (5/22/2011 9:28:35 AM)


Don't forget Glamerdye, or Alter Reality, or Mind Bend, or Sleight of Mind, or Spectral Shift; or until end of turn you can use Whim of Volrath, or Crystal Spray. Change white to black, or black to white. Or play Painter's Servant, naming black. Whichever you prefer. Free creature removal, and looping creatures. Throw in Artificial Evolution for your tribal decks. If it's just looping you want, not the removal, then opt for Shifting Sky naming black, or the afore-mentioned Darkest Hour.
Posted By: Tynansdtm (6/1/2011 11:37:34 AM)


Teysa: Elspeth, I understand you're having trouble with an ascended deity. Let me make you an offer I don't think you'll refuse...

As it so happens, Teysa's the reason Orzhov's Shrine is Godless.
Posted By: Manite (4/22/2014 3:17:39 AM)


With Darkest Hour in play, there will be no white creatures for Teysa to sacrifice; all creatures are black. So yes, you will need a third card to make a loop. Unless you just use your guys as infinite blockers, which works quite well too.
Posted By: Rainyday2012 (9/12/2009 2:14:14 PM)


Teysa Karlov

The main character of the Guildpact novel. Equal parts ambition and execution. With a few well-chosen words and a couple of well-planned smiles, she can make practically anyone dance to her tune. She is an Orzhov advokist (lawyer), but retires early to become the baroness of the Utvara region. She also makes an appearance in the Dissension novel. (Card:Teysa, Orzhov Scion)

Posted By: Kezia (1/10/2012 11:54:15 PM)