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helm of the ghastlord, sure I'll pay one life per turn for enormous card advantage
Posted By: Wormfang (4/9/2011 4:15:27 PM)


Blue vamps? Sure.
Posted By: RafiqTheMiststalker (4/22/2010 9:13:39 PM)


Compare to Air elemental; Costs 1 less, but you lose 1 life each upkeep, and its UB instead of UU. 3.5
Posted By: sir_dwar (11/17/2009 5:01:09 PM)


Just an amazing threat in U/B, and one of my personal favorites, as three of these bad boys won me the Ravnica draft. Other people passed it up because they saw the life-drain and that made them think it was a horrible card-until it was used against them.
Posted By: RickMaadi179 (12/8/2009 12:31:52 PM)


its nice, it would be better if it costed UBB, still it has potential in a lifelink deck (so that the 1 life doesnt bother you).

all in all a decent card, not to be underestimated, since it can cause some trouble for your opponents.
Posted By: Tobolococo (2/20/2010 7:10:03 PM)


Good, fun card.
Posted By: Vorthosian (7/7/2009 5:49:55 PM)


Compare to Conundrum Sphinx as it's pretty much the only blue 4/4 flier for 4 without a real drawback.
Posted By: Blackworm_Bloodworm (9/17/2012 9:15:12 PM)


Guys, this is still a strong, aggressively costed beater. 4/4 for 4 is as strong as any flier gets these days. Sure, most of them today don't get a drawback, but 1 life per turn is hardly painful.
Posted By: XDaragoX (12/11/2010 2:36:38 PM)


This used to be cost efficient! Damn you, power creep :/
Posted By: DespisedIcon (8/15/2010 8:40:45 PM)


look at the freaking ART on that thing!

I wouldn't care if it was a 2/2 flier that hurt you for 2 and cost UB.

the art gets 5 stars. then again, it's Ravnica...you could use that argument on every card.

Ravnica: City of Guilds is probably my favorite place in the Multiverse. Any Magic movie that wants to be taken seriously should take place there. Very Magic-related location (unlike Lorwyn, Zendikar, or Kamigawa), potential for STUNNING visuals, and one of the few places it makes sense to find 'oh! another Planeswalker!' (besides Dominaria, of course)
Posted By: DarthParallax (8/20/2011 1:08:37 AM)


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