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If I'm not mistaken, this is card advantage in Red, since you're getting rid of an opponents card, yet your hand stays at parity.
Posted By: NeoKoda (12/24/2011 10:12:29 AM)


Not good in a block with Shattering Spree and a Standard enviroment with Shatter.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (2/27/2010 9:52:46 PM)


Shattering Spree is really good, but if it came down to this or Shatter I'll usually take the Smash in mainboard, maybe a slight preference towards Shatter for the sideboard in a fast environment.

1 extra colorless mana for a card draw in a typical card-strapped red deck is a fantastic bargain; casting artifact destruction on the second turn doesn't need to be a guarantee and red decks need card draw wherever they can get it.
Posted By: BegleOne (12/19/2010 4:39:35 PM)


Amazing how unless some "pro" points it out in an article, people really don't understand card advantage.
Paying 1 for 1 card is a STEAL in Magic.
Posted By: reapersaurus (6/20/2011 12:19:08 AM)


That flavor text is a text book example of the broken window fallacy. How do they expect us to take Ravnica seriously if they aren't?
Posted By: bowtochris (10/18/2012 8:57:38 PM)


I feel this is still a fantastic card, even with the printing of Smelt. I don't want to compare things to Shattering Spree, because I feel that card was a mistake in development. One dead giveaway, is that spree is the strongest card of its class.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (11/24/2012 12:48:22 PM)



Shattering Spree is not a development mistake. Outside of sideboarded games, it is often worse than Smelt. In games where someone boards it in, well, it is a slow, targeted wrath. Any shroud or protection beats it. Your logic on its being a mistake is also flawed. If Spree is a mistake because it is the strongest of its class (in terms of artifact removal, I'd argue that this falls to Ancient Grudge either way), wouldn't dealing with this mistake create a new mistake? Something has to e the strongest.

Anyways, this is actually a sweet card. Kills signets all day long.
Posted By: Taudisban (12/8/2013 10:01:15 PM)


Not Legacy or Modern tier obviously, but still solid for Casual and EDH. In fact, I like this much more than Shatter.
Posted By: skorpionrazor (3/29/2014 11:55:31 PM)


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