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Seems like it would be good with Timber Protector, if rather boring. Otherwise, pair it up with Doomgape, or Creakwood Liege.

If nothing else, it combos well with Steel Golem. Ha! Or you can animate your opponent's lands before a Wrath clears the board...

I'm wishing Worldwake has cards to make animating lands relevant, because this is a card I've wanted to use ever since it was printed, the art is just amazing.

Edit: *sigh*..
Posted By: LiXinjian (1/31/2010 2:20:27 PM)


Try using it with Terra Eternal for some inestructable 4/4's.

The card also fits with Doran's theme, I guess. If you use the aforementioned cards, you're already running his colors, and it turns this guy into a nice 6/6 after he's done animating lands.
Posted By: SunshineTheBlond (4/23/2011 9:32:43 AM)


In the best case, you got a 3/6 blocker that generates a 4/4 token each turn. That's not bad. But still: the card is clunky, overcosted and underpowered. A pity.
Posted By: majinara (11/10/2011 2:12:25 PM)


has anyone used this card? i wanna know how good it is in multiplayer
Posted By: Omenchild (12/23/2009 12:40:25 PM)


if it was forest or swamp would be much more pleased
Posted By: penguinmage25 (11/14/2011 2:40:41 PM)


It's too slow to use, even in a slow casual game. At least they made that Earth Surge card for support I guess.
Posted By: BonniePrinceCharlie (6/4/2012 7:01:48 PM)


3/6 for 6 is not really that great, but with Creakwood Liege you can spawn a 6/6 (this card) and a 3/3 (liege) every turn. You can then buff your army with Garruk Wildspeaker for +3/+3 and trample.

The downside is that it's slow and prone to removal, but if you get it rolling, it snowballs hard.
Posted By: Paprik (9/8/2012 11:24:20 AM)


Maybe 5 mana and no tapping..
Posted By: GrimjawxRULES (11/13/2013 5:38:20 PM)


Interesting flavor text. Maybe the in-world inspiration for Omnibian in the next set?
Posted By: EvilDarkVoid (3/22/2014 10:11:10 AM)


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