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why oh why is this creature not a 2/3 or 2/4? Forget about anti-synergy in a giant deck! Anti-synergy with itself! Still, could be good in multiplayer.
Posted By: magicmoocow (10/22/2010 12:54:19 PM)


Vigilance... you want giants? Oathsworn Giant. and props on Heartless Summoning, good idea boss.

I wish so bad this was a 1/5 or 2/4, even take a 1/4, but eh, I'm sure wizards will make him more/less powerful sometime. We all agree Meekstone is where its at, right?
Posted By: NinjaShadow (2/10/2012 12:25:57 PM)


i think it works quite well as a blocker in a beats deck, just dont swing with it. he's a 3/3 who stops the 2-power guys left to swing. all of your beats creatures go away at end of turn, so he's your wall.
Posted By: DlCK (10/31/2010 3:45:17 AM)


I can see use in an exalted deck.
Posted By: pigknight (12/22/2010 12:48:55 PM)


Hey is that you Stay Puffed?? Yay! The Marshmellow Man! Kinda got hosed as far as his "Titan" slot..
Posted By: Mike-C (12/23/2011 5:53:07 PM)


Just don't attack with him and you'll be fine.
Pretend that's on his line. "Marble Titan Can't Attack."
He actually doesn't seem so bad.
Posted By: NoobOfLore (2/1/2012 7:13:31 PM)


Its rather good for a white deck with a lot of weak creatures, though.
Posted By: Galgus (9/5/2010 2:52:22 PM)


Its a crappy giant with a Meekstone heart. The power should be 1 or 2 and the toughness should be like 4 or 5.
Posted By: NecroticNobody (11/10/2010 8:38:34 PM)


absolutely no synergy in a giant deck
Posted By: lorendorky (5/31/2010 12:46:18 PM)


Heartless Summoning
Posted By: Shadoflaam (11/3/2011 6:09:14 PM)