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They wouldn't put it at 3 mana. Four mana at instant speed? Yeah, they'd do that.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (11/7/2011 1:03:03 AM)


"It's good to know that WotC is finally embracing the fact that life gain isn't as good as initially thought."
-- HairlessThoctar

Pretty sure they knew about this during Kamigawa cycle already.
Compare it with Sunbeam Spellbomb or Nourish for example, which came one cycle earlier.

It's just one of their needlessly overcosted cards they feel like printing every now and then.
This could easily have been cheaper, an instant, or even both. Compare it to Reviving Dose.

Life gain cantrips can be pretty useful actually, especially at instant speed.
Renewed Faith for example has great versatility.

I'd still play Dosan's Oldest Chant over Blessed Wine, Bargain and Rejuvenate, though.

That said, it sursprisingly seems to be the only green life gain cantrip so far.
Posted By: Mode (6/30/2013 1:38:48 PM)


I lol at this card.

It's good to know that WotC is finally embracing the fact that life gain isn't as good as initially thought.
Were this to get a mostly functional reprint, it would cost half of this.
Posted By: HairlessThoctar (4/16/2010 7:43:54 AM)


Yeah this card should have a better rating. This /was/ part of the response to lifegain being rubbish. They've just taken it further with certain cards. But this goes fine in several casual decks and is ok in limited. Compare with something like nourish - it seems worse, but generally the cost isn't the problem with these cards. I mean rarely is being able to get nourish off quicker going to make the difference.
Posted By: Baconradar (8/7/2010 4:14:08 PM)


Theres better life gain and card draw out there.
Posted By: SavageBrain89 (5/23/2009 2:18:37 PM)


It's a cheaper version of Kiss of the Amesha and it's single color. It's not a bad card for limited by any means. Just because it's not Jund or Vamps doesn't mean it's bad. And just because Harmonize was good doesn't mean any other green draw is bad. Learn to combo, green draw is always good, and draw + gain life is great to have in a single card. Use it in a G/W life gain with Sanguine Bond. Gives you potential 6 loss of life and negates the fact that it's in your deck. Sure, Survival Cache is better, but you have to cast it twice and it's not all at once AND... the kicker... It's white, not green. High cost in green is laughable, 5 mana is nothing. You can easily get 5 open mana turn 3 in a green deck. turn 1, Search for Tomorrow, turn 2 Rampant Growth turn 3 your search goes off and you drop your 5th. Easily 6 life and a draw at that point which you'll be needing to draw past your ramp. It fits green... (see all)
Posted By: OpenSeasonNoobs (6/1/2010 12:47:47 AM)


"Easily 6 life and a draw at that point which you'll be needing to draw past your ramp. It fits green VERY well. You know... Unless Pelakka Wurm is bad because it costs 7.... "
Pelakka Wurm is great because it's a 7/7 trampling creature, and the life gain and card are just icing. If this card were equally as worthwhile as Pelakka Wurm, then you're saying that a 7/7 trampling wurm should cost GG. And since Duskdale Wurm costs 5GG and NOT GG, we see that Dosan's Oldest Chant is utter junk.

If you're going to ramp into 5 mana on turn three, you're better off playing Kodama of the North Tree or a common Stomper Cub. Heck, even playing Yavimaya Elder and leaving two lands untapped would be better.
Posted By: PeabodyET (10/6/2011 11:45:52 AM)