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Oh mother of Progenitus it's doing the Werewolf thing for flip cards now? I WANT TO COMMENT ON ONE CARD WIZARDS!!!
Posted By: Shadoflaam (11/21/2011 6:59:01 PM)


I love this card, despite the huge improbability of ever actually getting it to flip, even 4 lands in play would allow you to hard-cast a full cost Draco =D

Or The Tentacle Iceberg, if that's your thing

Manabond is probably the most synergystic card once it's flipped, but then you need some way of refilling your hand...

Well of Knowledge seems like the best, considering you could draw your deck in two turns, assuming you take the intelligent route and play a land each turn after flipping it.
Posted By: Snafinturtle (12/14/2010 7:36:14 AM)


im planning on making a moonfolk deck soon and with the reurn land abilities they have ill be able to flip this easy for some tremendous mana this will be fun xD
Posted By: bl00dch13fdr41n3r (8/8/2010 8:33:10 PM)


Soo ... lands you control become color producing Cloudposts ? ... wow ... just wow ...
The hard part is flipping it, but it's basically game over once you do so... One of my friends actually managed to pull it off in his red/green snake deck back when Kamigawa was new. He proceeded to cast a humongous Fireball on the following turn, taking out 2 players in a multiplayer game.

Casual is probably the only place you'll ever see this in use, but it's really awesome when it works.
Posted By: GrimjawxRULES (10/31/2010 6:16:06 AM)


So your lands give you mana exponentially instead of one per land. Use for X costs.
Posted By: Pillow676 (11/13/2010 12:19:22 PM)


This is fun in casual, I like to hoard lands in my hand and complain about how I'm getting mana screwed. I find people tend to both feel sorry for you and feel safe...at least until you flip it.
Posted By: Faildini (1/9/2011 9:12:08 PM)


Finally, I've found a card that can make flip somewhat possible: Rites of Spring.
Posted By: BarryOgg (4/29/2011 2:47:47 AM)


This card may experience new play when Zendikar is released. All the new Lands and land matters cards will create an interesting synergy here. Enemy fetchlands, uncommon dual land cycle, landfall abilities and the like. Throw some boarderposts into you deck to send a basic land back to your hand and you can have 7 land in hand to filp this guy with no problem.
Posted By: Pantheon (9/16/2009 8:20:57 AM)


Play this, then play Scouting Trek, then play Treasure Hunt, then use Manabond.
Posted By: Revelation666 (7/7/2010 10:32:50 PM)


I don't know about this one, I love the ability so hard it makes me wish it was easier to play, but on the other side getting 7 lands into your hand is not easy, especially since you are going to want to play lands or you are going to get killed early. So, in my opinion, unless your opening hand looks like 4 lands, this card, and 2 kodamas reach (and you still need a few more for the 3 used to play her), its going to be very difficult.
Posted By: Donovan_Fabian (10/18/2009 6:31:23 PM)