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It's not banned in EDH.
Posted By: nammertime (6/11/2010 12:22:50 AM)


@Druindo Last time I checked, White had both the most unfair creature removal AND Angels... A Serra Angel or Serra Avenger that won't take damage would be pretty good keeping you safe in the air.
Posted By: Luke_BPC (1/7/2012 7:00:09 PM)


Veeeeery nice with Empyrial Archangel.
Posted By: KokoshoForPresident (3/27/2012 7:40:54 PM)


And now, there's Archenemy, where the player in the role of the archenemy starts at 40 life. Add in Samurai of the Pale Curtain to keep certain Ongoing Scheme cards in play, and you have beginning of a real nice creature-heavy white deck with a reanimation stratergy. Add blue for milling and discard to maximise the reanimation, include whatever other Schemes you think will help (Every Hope Shall Vanish goes well with the reanimation), and round it off with whatever the deck still needs.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (6/16/2010 10:06:51 PM)


He is in my Captain Sisay EDH Deck
Posted By: Cthulhu_Shin (10/24/2011 3:17:02 PM)


@nope.avi Ummm, I do, because Akroma, Angel of Fury is hilarious with Soul's fire in EDH, and Homura, Human Ascendant is pretty neat aswell. Like Homura though, this card is gonna make people hate you, it's not fun to just take yourself out of the game until someone draws enchantment destruction
Posted By: TheFarran (8/21/2012 11:42:02 AM)


I really want to make an edh deck outta this lol

no matter how much of an *** i would have to be to do that lol
Posted By: Ava_Adore (1/23/2010 4:34:14 PM)


He's hardly broken in EDH. He doesn't provide indestructibility, only damage prevention. He definitely shouldn't be banned. Blue still generally crushes him, as it crushes most things.

He's pretty amusing, though. :P
Posted By: EternalLurker (4/25/2010 7:31:24 PM)


I would hope this card is banned in EDH, seeing as how you begin the game with 40 health.
Posted By: Khias (12/27/2009 1:02:05 AM)


You also have to remember that he doesn't keep you from taking damage, so, if your opponents' generals have flying, well, you're playing mono white, so good luck taking them out. There's also the kill spells, like Doomblade or Deathmark, which will take out your creatures. Green still has trample, so you can still get whacked in the head. White has enchantment killers, along with green. And blue has enough tricks that the game stalls out rapidly.
Other than that he's solid, he just needs more to back him up, since he turns into an enchantment.
Posted By: Druindo (4/5/2011 1:40:43 PM)


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