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Ok, either I'm looking at the picture wrong, or her legs are incredibly long.
Posted By: divine_exodus (3/30/2011 1:56:59 PM)


This used to be top-tier back when Ravnica was in Standard with the Glare of Subdual decks.
Posted By: Polychromatic (2/28/2011 8:17:29 PM)


This card is actually not a very efficient token maker, because it requires the tapping of the Evangel herself. If it requires other cards (Intruder Alarm, etc) to become useful, then it's already a delay. There are other spells (with or without convoke) that creates multiple tokens at once, they are easier than this.
Posted By: Cyberium (5/30/2010 5:38:51 PM)


After you use the ability once you're pretty much just going to tap a saproling as part of the cost to make more. Then convoke something big like Hour of Reckoning.
Posted By: Etregan (12/3/2009 1:02:22 AM)


takes too long, your enemy will not wait for it
Posted By: Imperialstonedragon (5/8/2011 2:43:21 AM)


I agree with Cyberium, this is not a very efficent token generating engine. In limited, she complements Sylesnya's arsenal of token-producers and convoke spells, and is very useful in that regard (especially considering she's at common). But for constructed purposes, I think there are better options out there.
Posted By: Talcos (10/23/2010 2:13:54 PM)


I'm thinking ntruder AlertI and Quirion Elves and you now have a crapload of saprolings.
Posted By: ScoundrelLV (1/28/2010 2:28:31 PM)


An easy 3.5 IMO. Instant speed blockers, 1 mana + tapping = 1/1 at instant speed. That's a *good* deal.

The point of a swarm deck isn't pure offense (at least not GW) it's that you become immovable. You use tokens to build up Scion of the Wild, tokens to tap for Nullmage Shepard, tokens to attack around giant creatures (if need be), tokens to block, tokens to build up Might of the Masses, tokens to convoke, etc...

Also, consider how often you get two 2-drops. That means turn 3 rather than just getting another 2-drop, you can add a sap to the mix. Leave your mana open for any instant speed trick (or to bluff) and then fill that bad drop with an extra 1/1 if you don't need the extra 1 mana. Further, getting mana screwed is just fine with her out because you *always* have enough mana.

Posted By: blurrymadness (6/24/2012 11:48:24 AM)


Combine with Patrol Signaler and you have fun times making 2 tokens for 3 mana every turn you want. Shenanigans are to be had.
Posted By: Arkendale (9/12/2012 2:16:34 PM)


@divine_exodus: It's her clothes.
Posted By: GrimjawxRULES (11/1/2012 3:27:41 PM)


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