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Great for kitchen table gameplay. Declare blockers then use them to convoke to pay for it, prevent damage done by your creatures as well. Then use Cradle of Vitality to drop 20 or so +1/+1 counters on one of your creatures and bomb the person who just Overwhelming Stampede'd last turn.
Posted By: OpenSeasonNoobs (7/30/2010 5:15:47 AM)


well, u can still tap out ur creatures; ur preventing all combat damage anyways and being healed for it
Posted By: Guntz1092 (4/4/2010 11:32:54 AM)


It works okay in practice, and it's just great with Dovescape :P
Posted By: izzet_guild_mage (7/12/2010 3:29:26 PM)


Okay and you hit me for twenty-five lifegain. Great Alpha strike!
Posted By: TPmanW (5/29/2011 9:33:34 PM)


It's like a counterspell for Overrun-style effects, except with about 100 life tacked on.
Posted By: LordRandomness (12/2/2011 3:24:43 PM)


Too costly to be worth playing, though fog effects are usually nice. Maybe you'd board it in for some especially slow match-up, but most of the time I'd rather leave this card on the bottom of my sideboard in my limited games.
Posted By: Angerr (2/11/2009 4:13:51 PM)


How is this rated so low? 8 cmc is nothing. With convoke you will usually be able to play this by turn 4 or 5, and it's not only limited to combat damage, so any damage from cards like that annoying Flameblast Dragon will also be turned into more life for you. Alpha strike? More like tapped yourself out to bring me back to 20 life or more and butt naked for my next attack. This is a good card.
Posted By: MagicShine (5/31/2012 7:55:57 PM)


Its an odd time to ponder such a question, but I wonder if 'Convoke' was ment to be an attempt at an unbusted 'Affinity'
The card itself, pretty meh, unless youve got alot of dudes in play.
2.5/5 Stars
Posted By: Hunter06 (4/24/2013 8:33:35 PM)


So my friend has this deck where he gets to like 20 mana then uses crypt rats with lifelink.
Posted By: CogMonocle (8/25/2013 10:29:50 AM)


comparable to fog; this could turn into a lot of life gain if used properly.

The mana cost makes it hard to cast, because it requires both a lot of creatures AND a lot of those creatures to be untapped.

Nice card to sideboard, but fog will serve essentially the same purpose most of the time.
Posted By: Burningsickle (5/15/2014 7:09:56 AM)


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