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Strictly worse than Netflix.
Posted By: draco_nite (4/10/2011 10:14:00 PM)


Just like in real life with netflix taking over Blockbuster,we saw it coming from a mile away.
Posted By: aznxknightz (4/15/2011 6:24:33 PM)


Posted By: McThor (4/29/2010 5:22:04 PM)


This is an excellent Rattlesnake card: it screams "Attack me and eat one-sided mass burn!" As such, I rather feel that this card is better in a multiplayer setting than in a duel. In a duel, your one opponent will moderate his or her attacks against you to balance doing damage with keeping things alive in case of Blockbuster. In multiplayer, it will probably buy you a turn or two to build board position and ultimately allows you to crack it when everyone has tapped out fighting everyone else for a one-sided psuedo-wrath of god. It's not a GREAT card, but in a free-for-all game it has the potential to be a good card.
Posted By: Tevish_Szat (11/11/2010 9:50:04 AM)


Despite the fact that this IS indeed very much overcosted, I don't think it's useless. When used with Blustersquall or anything that taps down your opponents' creatures, it can be an easy boardwipe for a deck built on a budget, especially considering how easy it would be to obtain this card considering how nearly nobody buys this card.
Posted By: Binaro (12/16/2012 7:24:33 AM)


Aside from being rather unplayable due to its high mana cost, i think this is an example of a card that should have become a red artifact instead for flavor reasons, since this blockbuster is meant as a physical bomb.
Posted By: Mode (11/29/2009 4:00:55 AM)


How could they be unaware of the fiery disaster, the damn card is sitting RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF THEM!!!!
Posted By: Superllama12 (2/20/2012 5:13:05 PM)


Posted By: tcollins (3/27/2014 3:31:55 PM)


This is one of the more hilarious comment pages on Gatherer.

Bravo, my fellow Magic players.
Posted By: Polychromatic (5/13/2011 11:26:29 PM)


I like this just because it's called blockbuster XD
Posted By: Mana (11/3/2009 10:32:09 PM)