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Play this against Hedron Crab for a joke few will get.
Posted By: RJDroid (9/4/2011 12:00:33 AM)


Step 1: Use this
Step 2: If the opponent lets the spell be countered, great. Stop here on the flowchart. If they discard, proceed to step 3
Step 3: Cast a hard counter.
Step 4: Laugh
Step 5: ...
Step 6: Profit!
Posted By: jsttu (9/4/2011 7:12:42 PM)


Its a good counterspell, that is useful when an opponent has a full to medium hand. And when they have a 0-1 card hand, you can always transmute it for something useful.
Posted By: Velex (2/12/2010 2:21:33 PM)


Cards you may want to transmute this card for...Megrim, Hypnotic Specter, Windfall,Royal Assassin, Wistful Thinking...and as already mentioned, The Rackmakes this a nice little counter in a discard deck. Not great, but interesting.
Posted By: mrbgddy (8/26/2010 1:59:49 PM)


If i play a counter spell and my opponent counters it with a perplex, can I counter perplex with a counter without any repercussion? such as having to discard my hand?
Posted By: pinkyandthebrain (10/4/2011 11:32:00 PM)


Ha! I'll counter your Perplex with Null Brooch! Take that!
Posted By: adrian.malacoda (5/27/2012 8:40:40 PM)


I just like this card because unlike Drift of phantasms it's a 3 cost card with transmute with an ability not completely worthless in case transmuting it is not necessary. Since I run a grixis control / combo deck anything that can counter a spell , empty an opponents hand, or find the cards necessary to grab my kill combo is useful in my opinion, and this card can do all three. I think I'll find some and throw in a couple copies of it so i can see how useful it turns out.
Posted By: AgesofThunder (11/5/2009 7:18:19 PM)


I find it very funny to counter their beatstick before they can throw canopy cover on it, or force them to leave their beatstick uprotected by having them discard said card (and anything else they might have) instead. And then untap and steal it anyway with control magic or confiscate or the like.

Also transmuting into, say, mind funeral is always a good thing.

A very fun card, with a nifty utility if you don't need a fun card in your hand.
Posted By: allmighty_abacus (9/13/2010 10:01:20 AM)


I love this card. I play it in EDH and most of the people I know have infinite hand sizes thanks to Reliquary Tower or Spellbook. They also have no idea what this card does, so they always have to look at it. They usually just let the spell get countered, though. The Transmute is useful too.
Posted By: CeremonialBathory (11/18/2010 9:55:22 PM)


It's not as good as Cancel when you cast it but it is better simply because of the Transmute option.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (3/7/2011 10:42:53 PM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!