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Near-Death Experience. Bring yourself down to 1 life. You win the game.
Posted By: OutlawD1 (9/19/2010 6:14:15 PM)


I honestly don't see why this is rated so low. Let's look at this further shall we?
Say your playing suicide black. Likey you've lowered your life quite a bit near the end with all your carnophage and foul imp nonsense going on (if you use those, I ran em.) So half of low life aint gonna be much. 4 is 2. 6 is 3 ect. A 4/4 flyer for only 3 black is not that bad. It can wait on the sidelines as a finisher. Not that bad and definatley a brave play so you get bragging rights. Add to this the fact that it can be activated as an instant...might hold of an attacker and will be ready to swing next turn.
Obviously you dont wanna do this if your at 20, but that's not what this card is for. It's a finisher. Heck, I'd pay 10 life if it ment I got the win now that I think about it. Sure it has weaknesses (What creature doesn't) but a savvy player knows when and when not to use this.
Look at Phyrexian Negator. Theres another high ... (see all)
Posted By: XTwistedsoulX (6/1/2010 12:18:52 AM)


You can pay costs as many times as you would like. The ability will go on the stack and it will become a 4/4 creature as many times as the ability resolves. It is not a split second, abilities activate at instant speed, so you could pay the cost to drop yourself to 1 life then sac a Tainted Sigil to gain 19. Also, you could sac the tainted sigil, then in response to THAT sac, you could pay the cost so many times it will drop you to 1, sac a 2nd tainted sigil, repeat the process. So, time for lol combos.

Boon Reflection with the TS will make it so you can pay the cost to down yourself to 1, sac TS, gain 38 life. Do so 4 times and...
1st time, go up to 39.
2nd time, go down 38, add the 19 from the original, go up to 115
3rd time, go down 114, add the 57 lost previously, go up to 343
4th time, go down 342, add the 171 lost previously, go up to 514. Oh, btw, did I mention that Sanguine Bond you played earlier? Go... (see all)
Posted By: OpenSeasonNoobs (3/5/2010 1:21:26 PM)



it's half your life rounded up, so if you had 1 life, you'd lose 1 life and lose the game.
Posted By: vosrevesrevers (2/26/2010 9:10:35 AM)


A really inefficient card, unless its being combined with Tainted Sigil or Children of Korlis.
Posted By: SavageBrain89 (7/22/2009 1:47:11 PM)


I think, had you read the card, you might realize your amazing "combo," is exactly as retarded as... you.
Posted By: Motorival (1/28/2010 8:15:29 PM)


@BoroslordZero: The second you pay the cost, that card turns into a 4/4 creature. You can only use it's ability once.

Anyways on card! The creature in this cards artwork is weird and scary, yet awesome at the same time. I kinda wish there was a token card (I know it doesn't make tokens) or a stand alone version. Other then that. That card is kind of poo. Unless you have 1 life. Then a 4/4 flying Horror for 3!!!

Edit: Didn't notice it was rounded up :P Now this makes the card pretty much useless.
Posted By: John-Bender (2/27/2010 10:01:53 PM)


Umm no this card is amazing when combined with Magus of the Mirror in other words you could get an infinite number of these 4/4s and then just exchange life totals so you'll be back at 2Ø or whatever in other words instant win, I can't be the first one to see this combo
Posted By: BoroslordZero (12/26/2009 10:11:03 PM)


As a fan of Tainted Sigil and Children of Korlis, I can't see why everyone hates this card so much. It's decent at best, yes, but it's still 3 mana for a 4/4 flyer. Add the fact that you can practically make your opponent lose 10 life during your 4th turn, and it suddenly seems a lot better.
Posted By: GrimjawxRULES (4/13/2010 5:00:56 PM)


This could be a board wipe finisher in the same way that Gideon is. It doesn't cost any mana to activate the ability, so play it after a Wrath or DOJ or Life's Finale when your opponent is down to less than 4 life for the win. Play it on turn 3. Your opponent will either counter something that won't affect them then, or waste enchanment removal on it.
Posted By: SarpNasty (9/22/2011 8:31:01 AM)


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