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If you can play it turn 2, especially if you went first, you can surprise them and at least do 4. If it hits them twice, it's more than worth it. On the other hand, if you don't draw it immediately, it's worthless unless you have a deck based around it. Some kind of lockdown deck could work.
Posted By: rubber (10/14/2009 5:46:39 PM)


It's good with Forced Fruition.
Posted By: Demage (1/24/2010 7:15:31 AM)


It's also a great win option in a Stasis deck, since it prevents your opponent from playing any cards and therefore results in a filled hand each upkeep which will hurt him/her accordingly.
Posted By: Mode (11/28/2009 3:40:53 AM)


Play it with Gwafa Hazid to punish the card advantage you're giving your foes.
Posted By: Gwafa_Hazid (2/4/2010 9:45:32 AM)



Not really necessary to build a deck around it. It can be a good supplement to a bounce deck.
Posted By: Belz_ (5/15/2010 5:25:10 AM)


This should probably be in my EDH deck... but it seems like it would draw a lot of hate in EDH...
Posted By: Anubisisking (1/30/2011 5:29:24 PM)


Use with Black Vise, Howling Mine, Jace Beleren, Iron Maiden, Vision Skeins, Words of Wisdom,Windfall, Mox DIamond, Mox opal, And side win cons like Oath of Druids + two creatures such as Emrak and Magister's and a Gaea's Blessing. If the owls/vises/maidens don't get the job done, oath will.
Posted By: Heitah (2/15/2011 10:46:59 AM)


Posted By: nope.avi (11/28/2011 6:00:39 PM)


Based on the comments and rating, I'm guessing that Gatherer has never heard of Owling Mine, an absurd tempo deck that really should have not worked. I can't recall all the cards involved, but essentially you used Howling Mine, Boomerang, and other cards that returned their field and spells to their hand, force them to draw extra cards, ping them with Ebony Owl Netsuke every turn, then finally finishing them with Sudden Impact. This card is great in the right deck, and hilarious enough of a win condition that people legitimately played One With Nothing.
Posted By: SnackyNorph (6/30/2013 9:53:53 AM)


oh, owling mine :)
Posted By: HuntingDrake (11/2/2010 3:07:47 AM)


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