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This is totally a candidate for the best card name ever.
Posted By: SleetFox (6/4/2010 3:23:38 PM)


Hmm, good point MortySan. I looked it up: literally it says: "return target creature card from graveyard to play." Russian not only lacks definite and indefinite articles ('a' and 'the') but often omits other modifiers and adjectives as well, with the meaning derivable from context. I think the 'your' is implied in that sentence, but obviously it should be worded more clearly.

On another note, I'd hate to be the guy whose job it is to translate cards into Russian. Well not really, obviously I'd love to work for Wizards, but the rules and effects are so awkwardly worded and so much of the flavor is lost. I wonder if seems as weird to non-English-speaking Russian players. This card is a perfect example - there is simply no way to translate the pun, so the Russian name reads something like "Rotten Hardening". Ugh. I wish they were a little less literal with the translations and at least tried to make the cards sound cool in the target language.
Posted By: achilleselbow (7/26/2010 10:49:48 PM)


Epic card. 4 mana, get your creature back, and its bigger. very nice. Golgari are nasty.
Posted By: Bibblesbun (1/22/2009 3:57:43 PM)


It's censored because it's derogatory slang towards someone of that heritage.
Posted By: MyrBattlecube (2/28/2011 5:21:53 PM)


One of the best Zombifys ever.
Posted By: DacenOctavio (8/18/2011 9:55:23 PM)


Reminds me of the awesome Mastodon song "This Mortal Soil". For that, 5/5
Posted By: Shadoflaam (4/11/2012 7:18:41 PM)


I'm fairly certain all of those things you listed shuffle themselves back into your deck from the grave
Posted By: CogMonocle (6/21/2013 6:32:14 AM)


It's a play-on words of "Rigor Mortis" (the stiffness of death). This card is sorta an oximoron, but that's what happens when you put enemy colors together.

Compared to Resurrection, this card is great!
Posted By: Arachibutyrophobia (6/27/2009 12:07:12 PM)


If a deck is able to reanimate any beastie from the graveyard, then giving that beastie +1/+1 shouldn't be that big of a boon. Still, in a green-splashing deck it's usually better than Zombify, in a deck without many creatures it's better than Dread Return, in a deck without self-milling it's better than Stitch Together, in an exceedingly rare situation where you're playing a deck with bigger critters than you it's better than Exhume, and better than Soul Exchange if you have no little thrull-ish creatures running around.

Still usually option fourth or fifth at best if you're putting together a deck in an eternal or casual format.
Posted By: BegleOne (10/24/2010 9:43:26 PM)


A four mana ressurection plus a +1/+1 counter. Pretty good .
Posted By: TasPap (9/14/2010 4:21:50 AM)


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