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combo's rather well with Juniper Order Ranger, doubling in size each hit seems good.
Posted By: thaviel (10/12/2011 2:30:11 PM)


At 3 mana this would be undercosted. 4 or 5 is a better cost. And Moat prevents non-flyers from attacking. This is ok in draft/sealed and good with anything that gets it into play at a reduced cost or for free.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (3/10/2010 2:07:06 PM)


@Ziberac: well, you lose, because you've slapped 12 cmc worth of aura on a 2/2. But you do get 4 saprolings: each aura's ability goes on the stack, and each rewards you a saproling per point of damage (thus 2+2).
Posted By: Corey_bayoudragonfly (9/6/2011 3:15:20 PM)


So, translation:

"Whenever your opponent loses the game, you get a few saprolings..."

6 mana aura? really? and it doesn't do much?

Majinari is right, seriously, don't use this, except maybe in casual. Seems at least playable in limited, tho.
Posted By: channelblaze (12/23/2010 1:32:57 PM)


Too expensive. I agree with majinara, this card is more suited for casual play xD
Posted By: Quang (2/3/2010 11:42:32 PM)


Most of the time, this card ain't really worth it. Why? Well, what would need to happen to make this card good:

- you'd need a creature with a high power, since else you wouldn't get enough tokens to justify this cards high manacost
- the creature must be able to attack (no moat or pacifism effects)
- the creature must be unblocked
- the creature must survive (no bounce, destroy or steal creature effectse)
- the enchantment must survive (no flicker effects on the creature, no steal enchantment or disenchant effect)
- the creature must deal damage to the player (no prevent damage effects)

And then you get some tokens. And then the card is still mediocre. It would only be good, if you'd hit a player several times with the enchanted creature. But if you are able to hit a player several times with a big creatures, then you won anyway, so what would you need this enchant for?

In short:
Fun stuff for some casual token deck, but most of the time a waste of mana and cards.
Posted By: majinara (2/9/2009 2:35:20 AM)


And on top of everything you mentioned it costs six freakin' mana.
Posted By: Laguz (8/31/2009 10:35:40 PM)


If it costed 3 or maybe 4 it would be way better. 6 cmc really makes this thing a junker.
Posted By: bigben013 (1/2/2010 9:50:58 PM)


What if I have a 2/2 creature with 2 pollenbright wings on it and I attack for 2 and the player takes the 2 damage. Do I get 4 tokens (2 per pollenbright wings) or do I only get 2?
Posted By: Ziberac (4/25/2010 10:34:35 PM)


Maybe for multiplayer it would be good. Use Drove of Elfs to protect against removal. If you're running a saproling deck they should be pretty huge.
Posted By: Graphec (6/1/2010 9:38:48 AM)


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