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I think you might mean Crucible of Worlds even though that is not a combo unless you also use Fastbond.
Posted By: JFM2796 (9/22/2011 1:50:39 PM)


My favourite kind of insurance policy is one I can use with tapped lands at instant speed.

Is it as good as Zuran Orb? Of course not. But Zuran Orb was too good. This is just right. 4/5.
Posted By: TherealphatMatt (12/20/2012 12:41:28 PM)


Zageitz, I don't see a combo with Zuran Orb. With Fastbond and Crucible of Worlds, you have an infinite combo. Sack a forest for 3 life, take 1 damage to play it again. Repeat.
Posted By: kowrip (1/22/2010 10:03:37 AM)


5/5 for flavor.
Posted By: DacenOctavio (11/20/2010 10:20:25 PM)


Toned down version of Zuran Orb, but I still think it's great! 4/5
Posted By: Superllama12 (1/26/2011 4:51:19 PM)


Running green/black and you find that you have tons of land, but not enough life. With green's mana accel I feel this is likely to happen. I would not put more than one in a deck though. It's not much of a target and there is no advantage to having two or more on the field at once.
Posted By: A0602 (11/16/2009 7:46:22 PM)


Card of the Day - February 13, 2002
Dark Heart was the very first multicolored (or "gold") non-creature card.
Posted By: liir007 (8/21/2009 3:47:25 PM)


I thought that there were no forests in Ravnica (like real forests, not just lands).
Posted By: land_comment (3/29/2011 7:20:44 PM)


epic name, epic art, unepic effect
Posted By: Imperialstonedragon (5/8/2011 2:23:41 AM)


This card has infinite lifegain with Zuran Orb and another card that i cant think of at the moment.
Posted By: Zageitz (1/2/2010 3:42:19 PM)