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She is actually quite useful in my Isperia the Inscrutable EDH deck, if not anywhere else. If the board gets wiped, I just shuffle her in and tutor for her later. It's nice to have a 5/5 flyer available throughout all sorts of shenanigans. Also, sphinx!
Posted By: Discoduck (4/22/2012 10:12:02 AM)


Good card if your opponent likes to play alot of removal, although I wish it had been "return to hand" rather than "shuffle into library". The slick art and Szadek flavor text are what really make the card aesthetically appealing. A blue sphinx flying around tall buildings looks cool anf the flavor text exemplifies the hidden character that is Szadek, Lord of Secrets.
Posted By: SavageBrain89 (5/29/2009 5:19:10 PM)


Yeah, amazing art, but not incredibly useful. Still, 6 mana for a 5/5 flyer with an ability isn't bad. Your opponent will think twice before using a removal spell on it since you can just bounce it back into your library. Decks based on drawing lots of cards will benefit from using this, since it will do a little to keep your library from emptying. However, you also won't be able to pull it out of your graveyard.
Posted By: RowanKeltizar (5/24/2010 8:49:43 PM)


And so began Blue's association with Sphinx as their flagbearing fattie.
Posted By: Polychromatic (5/10/2011 9:30:43 AM)


So like sphinx of jwar isle... and so not.
Posted By: metalevolence (1/5/2011 10:56:45 PM)


@Vedalken_Aribter Only secrets he can't control.
Posted By: Nagoragama (9/8/2010 5:21:18 PM)


"If I had this out, then my opponent casted mind control, then paid for the ability, would they shuffle it into their own deck?"

It says owner, not controller. Your cards can never end up in your opponent's library or your opponent's hand.
Posted By: Etsap (7/13/2011 1:43:15 PM)


He wants to know all the secrets, yet he doesn't like secrets that are being not known to him. That is why he dislikes this Sphinx's secrecy.
Posted By: 1maketoilets (3/23/2012 9:59:08 AM)


Szadek doesn't like Secrecy? Szadek, lord of secrets? lolwut?
Posted By: Vedalken_Arbiter (8/22/2010 9:22:17 PM)


This card should have been an uncommon. For what it brings to the table it's really undeserving of its rare status.
Posted By: Lege (11/9/2009 7:58:06 AM)