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Colourful, curly dingle-shoes are awesome. But... they are not sandals. Seriously.
Posted By: Kirbster (12/20/2010 12:42:02 PM)


Even back then I was annoyed at all the attempts by Wizards to get 'Islandwalk' on the battlefield in some way. I don't understand why 'Islandwalk' was pushed so hard. This card, Fishliver Oil, Part Water, War Barge etc... Not that there's anything wrong with Islandwalk, but it certainly seemed to be a point of interest for someone in R&D, almost a fetish I'd say.
Posted By: BonniePrinceCharlie (4/13/2011 3:33:40 PM)


Abdallah, he was a man of foine culture and greete strengthe.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (8/3/2012 8:35:21 AM)


Blue mages have always been powerfull, so there should be ways to foil them. Islandwalking is just one of those and very neat one: it's not automatic win, but it's quite a threat.

@holgir: Mono Artifact has always meant and will always mean: tap when used.
Posted By: tavaritz (4/27/2011 12:54:54 AM)


I think they pushed Islandwalk because blue totally dominated everyone's metagame in those days. This was an early attempt to balance the colors, but rather than increasing the overall power level of the other colors they just tried to hose the one dominant one.
Posted By: Totema (3/27/2013 2:32:02 PM)


that card is soo 0,5/5.

4 and 2Tap each turn for making a creature an islandwalker?
that's not even useful with Merfolk Assassin since you have to sacrifice the sandals then.
btw, did you notice that Flying Carpet also had that disadvantage until 6th Edition Oracle?
i wonder whether wizards would change the Oracle of a card like this again if those sandals became reprinted.

anyways - the name, artwork and "realistic effect" are funny, though.
Posted By: Mode (2/22/2009 9:27:09 AM)


Early attempt at equipment.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (3/18/2010 6:06:16 AM)


I wish there were more sandal artifacts. I'd totally make a sandal deck.
Posted By: midnightvenom (5/6/2010 12:26:50 PM)


And because the sandals were such a great success, they made War Barge for The Dark as a counterpart that destroys the islandwalking creature when the artifact leaves play.
And as with Staff of Zegon they made the card a lot worse than it already was by inserting a Tap into the activation cost, probably "because it was originally intended that way" ... oh dear, these rigidnesses!
Posted By: holgir (9/25/2009 4:04:04 AM)


The card is far too narrow to see much play...see my other comments about landwalk...I like the flavor that if the creature dies, the artifact goes with it...
Posted By: Guest57443454 (7/2/2009 9:10:29 AM)


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