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Rukh Egg likes equipment. Slap a loxodon warhammer on it and keep attacking with a 3/3 trampler with lifelink. If they kill it, you can equip the token with the hammer instead, and swing with a 7/4 trampler with flying and lifelink. :)
Posted By: majinara (2/19/2010 3:23:51 PM)


not sure where your gettin 2 from. you get 1 4/4 at the cracking of the egg.
Posted By: LeMaK (12/12/2009 10:10:53 AM)


An entertaining card that sort of acted as a wall that produced a big flyer when it died. Strange how the egg can attack...
Posted By: Radagast (11/3/2011 8:04:47 PM)


Hey guys it's Mozilla Firefox!
Posted By: Ryney (12/3/2010 3:08:27 PM)


The first errata'd card...too bad as Foolish Burial would have been great with it.
Posted By: kitsunewarlock (2/27/2010 10:48:50 AM)


so... two 4/4's for 4, ok... I can live with that.
Posted By: dfeyder (5/19/2009 10:23:00 AM)


I'd like to see a modern cycle of these, actually. Having a pseudo-wall that only gets better when you kill it sounds like fun.
Posted By: Jannissary (2/7/2012 5:33:14 PM)


I like the "as you know"-attitude in this card's descríption:

"If Rukh Egg goes to the graveyard, a Rukh
you know... that 4/4 red flying creature, remember?
comes into play on your side (...)

They write it as if it was some kind of known fact from an everyday fairy tale,
or a commonly known term that they just have to casually remind people of in between another sentence.
(Like "bear" is used to refer to a 2/2 creature for example.)
Posted By: Mode (3/3/2013 11:16:02 AM)


Its a child not a choice.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (4/23/2013 9:50:59 PM)


At one time this was the most valuable common card printed! Neat.
Posted By: jbrsci1 (5/20/2013 7:15:22 AM)