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I actually like this card. 4 stars from me. CC 3 would make this one regular stuff!
Posted By: Sugga (7/6/2010 3:20:35 AM)


Originally, this was at uncommon, since they try to have limited use, silver bullet cards at uncommon, but was eventually pushed up to rare.

The thing is, while the concept is really cool, and the potential for recurring a kill spell is really cool and all, this is still really expensive for a very narrow kill spell.
Posted By: HairlessThoctar (1/31/2011 1:08:26 PM)


Doomblade stapled to a Doomblade with bonus spirits. I'd play it. 3/5.
Posted By: pigknight (2/7/2011 10:01:44 PM)


There should be more "destroy target nonwhite creature" or "nonblue" or "nonred" or "nongreen." I've never liked the way that black creatures have inherent resistance to removal just because black spells don't like to target their own creatures.

With doom blade and go for the throat, I think it would be pretty amusing if they just pumped out a whole cycle of kill cards that can't target one color of creature.
Posted By: Asmodi0000 (2/26/2011 7:45:47 PM)


A twist on the usual 'non-black' clause of usual black kill spells adding non-white as well due to Orzhov guild colours
If anything I would have had Terminate at rare instead of this guy, simply because the 2nd kill effect is a bit difficult to pull off, more restrictive than Dark Banishing / Doom Blade and the destroy clause on the recurring effect is mandatory and not optional

3.5/5, will take some deck tweaking to make this card work properly
Posted By: Paladin85 (8/18/2011 8:12:00 AM)


@Mephastopheles that card wouldn't work with that one. haunt means remove it from play to haunt the card, so it wont work with this
Posted By: psychokid121 (6/18/2010 1:30:13 PM)


There is a reason for this. Generally, because this is how Wizards set up the color wheel, simply making a creature Black makes it inherently immune to much of the black removal without having the grant it Pro-Black (which has a whole host of benefits beyond simply making it more resilient).

But just out of curiosity, I looked around. There are a few nongreen ones; Death Rattle and Soul Reap. As for nonwhite, this is the only black one, but white has Saltblast and Mass Calcify. There are no "destroy" spells for nonblue or nonred though.

If you look in each color though, you'll see the same pattern. You probably don't notice it because the black spells are straight removal and more noticeable. Like blue has Frazzle and Inundate. White does this a lot too, 14 results for "nonwhite". Red, on the other hand, only has one; Strafe.
Posted By: OmegaSerris (9/19/2011 6:56:01 AM)


An Ultimate Price stapled to a Midnight Haunting stapled to another Ultimate Price is pretty flashy. I love this card.
Posted By: DacenOctavio (12/27/2012 10:48:59 PM)


You can haunt the token! :)
Posted By: hid@n (6/16/2010 6:40:36 AM)


The colour restriction is unfortunate, but siding this in when you know it won't be a problem would be great fun. If I read it correctly, you can play it in response to your opponent declaring attackers, to kill a creature and generate a token, then have it haunt that token; use the token to chump block another attacker so it dies, and you get to kill another creature, and make another token! 4 mana for two kills and a flying creature? Yes please :)

Also Toshiro Umezawa 's best friend
Posted By: Mephastopheles (1/5/2010 5:20:52 PM)


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