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@Wolfbear2 - The whole plot of Ravnica (the set these were from) was that the entire plane had been urbanized. It tasked the designers with making sources of mana that embraced the essence of the "natural" sources of mana in an urban environment. The Izzet League, who's colors are red and blue, were mad wizards who were geniuses, but also dangerously impulsive, red/blue mages and creatures. The Steam Vents are at the heart of their workshops, which provides them with the power and energy needed to carry out their mad experiments. It's a mountain and an island not because of the actual 'mountain' and 'island' flavor, but of the red and blue mana flavor.
Posted By: SoulReaverDan (7/18/2010 1:27:18 AM)


Strictly worse than Volcanic Island...lol what isn't? I have never been a huge fan of these because I was introduced to these in my early days of Magic and thought "well this is stupid, I pay life only to get a land that can do the exact same thing as playing a mountain or forest first turn." However, now I realize the possiblolities of this

Posted By: Superllama12 (3/1/2011 3:03:07 PM)



The reason why these lands are favored over the ones you suggested, at least in my opinion, is that these lands have the subtypes of the basic lands. Since Steam Vents has the Island and Mountain subtype, it can be fetched with lands like Arid Mesa, Bloodstained Mire, or Polluted Delta in order to furher increase mana fixing in a deck with 3 or more colors.

Also important is that sometimes, especially with some first turn combos, the ability to get mana fixing on turn one is huge, and typically paying only 2 life is well worth the reward of the combo. For me, these lands are essentially the only true reincarnation of the original dual lands --Volcanic Island in the case of Steam Vents -- simply because they actually contain the corresponding subtypes.
Posted By: Doom_Pie (8/12/2010 12:20:53 PM)


My favourite shock-land! Izzet for the win!
Posted By: leomistico (7/14/2009 3:09:17 PM)


What a unique combination of exquisiteness, cunning architecture, and serene fervor. Its radiant grandeur can be seen all the way from the Temple Garden.
Posted By: SavageBrain89 (5/26/2009 7:21:49 PM)


Favorite Land from Guildpact.
Posted By: John-Bender (7/2/2009 5:08:33 PM)


Do want
Posted By: Eggroll (8/4/2009 8:03:41 PM)


I love this cycle of Duals the best.
Posted By: NeoKoda (8/13/2011 10:23:08 PM)


@ Superllama12:

Compare a card that doesn't interact with your life total to one that does? Death's Shadow begs to differ. Having a low life total sometimes wins games on its own. The shock lands are more versatile because keeping your life total low turns off cards like Timely Reinforcements and turns on the powerful black 1-drop.
Posted By: DacenOctavio (9/17/2011 8:15:58 AM)


I Steam My Veggies At This Joint N I GG E R
Posted By: MasterOfEtherium (1/1/2011 3:57:24 PM)