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this cannot be used on Darksteel Colossus or Blightsteel Colossus as they never actually hit the graveyard. the act of going to the graveyard is replaced by being shuffled into the library.

with Emrakul and the other legendary Eldrazi, this can be used to exile them; however, this won't stop their triggered ability as that hits the stack as soon as they hit the graveyard.

I believe I have that straight.
Posted By: TrazocW (8/9/2011 1:05:31 PM)


Maindeckable graveyard hate is always nice. The fact that this costs {B} and cantrips makes it completely reasonable to run maindeck if the environment has enough yard stuff.
Posted By: LordRandomness (5/1/2013 6:01:41 AM)


the problem is just getting the storm crow to the graveyard
Posted By: DaaNz (3/23/2009 5:41:04 AM)


I lost to a Haakon/Nameless Inversion combo deck, and afterward my opponent had this to say, "Once, someone told me to sideboard a playset of Cremate and enough Swamps to play it. JUST IN CASE." It cracked me up.
And NEVER run Headstone.
Posted By: Selez (11/5/2009 9:11:17 PM)


Hah, gets that pesky Firemane Angel out of the opponent's graveyard.
Posted By: Ryney (7/2/2010 1:07:15 AM)


If nothing else, it's instant-speed card draw for black. Not too shabby.
Posted By: TDL (11/14/2010 8:24:57 PM)



Can you use this to remove Emerkul or Darksteel Colossus when they hit the graveyard?
Posted By: FiveEight (6/8/2011 10:25:36 PM)


nice black cantrip
Posted By: JoeyWalker (9/5/2011 1:42:33 PM)


It does not have that ability in the graveyard
Posted By: MRHblue (10/25/2011 12:45:23 PM)


That is rad flavor text. <3 Golgari
Posted By: Opined_Fluke (7/11/2013 11:36:32 PM)