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"Blah blah blah, infinite combo, blah blah"

Just stick him in a deck with four Twincasts and four Reverberates and run around laughing like a madman.
Posted By: LordRandomness (11/30/2011 1:52:50 AM)


T5: Think Twice copy Think Twice.
T6: Think Twice copy Think Twice
Posted By: Tapir (5/15/2012 11:30:32 AM)



You can only copy spells YOU control. Still this card is a combo-maker, and I love combo-makers.
Posted By: EternalPhi (6/9/2012 7:00:55 AM)


You got a pretty mouth, boy. Got some pretty lips.
Posted By: tazman321 (7/8/2011 2:29:58 PM)


izzet_guild_mage needs to comment on this card.
Posted By: azure_drake222222 (2/5/2013 3:52:56 PM)


@Maximillini86: it's not infinite mana combo, as with every copy, you have to draw a card, so going for infinite mana results in milling yourself to death.
Then again, with like 20-50 mana and your whole deck in hand, it would be shameful if you couldn't kill your opponent right away (in most cases).
Posted By: skew (8/16/2010 1:40:49 PM)


Izzet Guildmage + Desperate Ritual + Lava Spike infinite combo does work. Here's how:

Start with 5 mana and Izzet Guildmage on the battlefield.
Play Lava Spike for 1 mana. You're now at 4. Lava Spike is now on the stack.
Splice Desperate Ritual onto Lava Spike for 2 mana. You're now at 2 mana left.
Lava Spike now reads: "Lava Spike deals 3 damage to target player. Add {R}{R}{R} to your mana pool."
Now with your 2 remaining mana, play Desperate Ritual. You're now at 0 mana.
Desperate ritual is now on the stack above Lava Spike. Let Desperate Ritual resolve. You're now at 3 mana.
Use your 3 mana to use Izzet Guildmage's ability. Copy the Lava Spike that has Desperate Ritual spliced onto it. You're now at 0 mana.
Let the copy resolve. You now deal 3 damage to target player, and you gain 3 mana.
Use that 3 mana to recopy the original Lava Spike that has been spliced but has not resolved.
Repeat into oblivion.

Every time you copy the Lava Spike, you deal 3 damage to target p... (see all)
Posted By: igniteice (3/23/2011 7:37:16 PM)


Infinite Mana Combo = Training Grounds+ This + Manamorphose
Posted By: Maximillini86 (7/19/2010 9:12:45 PM)


Training Grounds makes this guy pretty useful.
Posted By: HouseofLastWords (5/9/2010 4:55:50 PM)



good di***ion, but those extra combo things don't work. since the clause on izzet guildmage says "converted mana cost 2". so Eerie Procession and Uneartly BlizzardColorless can't be copied.

However, if you read the card carefully you can see (a mistake i made previously) that the guildmage doesn't care about colors. so Eye of Nowhere and Ideas Unbound can be used with the combo... but those can't go infinite ^^

if you are going for infinite, then Metamorphosis and Rite of flame can do the job.

Also, if you are looking for fun, then Devastating summons should be... lovely. just remember to float mana. and boom from boom // Bust should be rather fun for you, here you just have to have training grounds if it is to make any sense.
Posted By: theis999 (8/29/2010 6:53:46 AM)


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