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Overcosted? 3 mana is par with the course for pingers. If it had cost 2, he'd have been overpowered. I think he's actually better than many pingers; you don't have to choose between hitting the player and hitting the creature- the Ickspitter lets you do both.

I know, sometimes he'll fall flat. He's dependent on the opponent having a targetable creature out there, but Rakdos is all about risk, isn't it? And how often do you see a blank field on the other side?
Posted By: ScissorsLizard (5/5/2010 8:47:09 AM)



Not a bad card. For the same cost as Prodigal X, you can ping a creature and hit your opp. with life loss- much harder to prevent. However, also complete bolt-bait, so best in a deck which runs haste effects to raise your chances of getting to use the ability. A note:

{R} Shower of Sparks = roughly equivalent to using the ability once.

{2}{R} Lunge = roughly equivalent to two uses.
Posted By: Ideatog (5/9/2011 3:51:15 PM)


Becomes pretty useless if you opponent has no creatures but has somthing like moat or caltrops.

So-so card I suppouse.
Posted By: Silverware (1/20/2010 11:04:34 PM)


A little expensive, but a nice ability overall. A bit like Searing Blaze. Because of the landfall I'd definitely favour Searing Blaze. Not a horrible card though, fo sho.
Posted By: Creyn (3/26/2010 10:30:56 PM)


Living Shower of Sparks. Such a humiliating way to take damage.
Posted By: themlsna (6/5/2010 6:49:43 PM)


Add a Quietus Spike or Venomous Fangs to Ickspitter, and you've got a creature destroyer, as well as a player pinger all in one.
Posted By: Daquine (7/25/2010 1:41:26 PM)


You know, If you had a Prodigal Pyromancer, And your opponent controlled no creatures, it would only be able to ping for one. This card just attacks for one. Just because your opponent controls no creatures doesn't mean that it isn't useless.
Posted By: MasterOfCruelties (5/26/2013 2:04:14 PM)


Equip a Gorgon Flail on it...
Posted By: Jokergius (3/23/2010 1:06:32 PM)


With Basilisk Collar the card reads; "Tap to destroy target creature, deals one damage to that creatures controler and you gain one health." 4.5/10.
Posted By: Lunarblade (5/2/2010 12:02:21 PM)


Nice killer of tokens and a sure 1 damage in you're opponent... hefty cost though but reliable...
Posted By: God_of_Destruction (6/25/2009 7:57:02 AM)


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