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I had no idea Shaggy joined up in the army after his mystery-solvin' days were over.
Posted By: Kirbster (11/19/2010 1:55:27 AM)


With persist I guess you get an extra use out of the enchantment. I'd prefer token generators over that though.
Posted By: wakkacraft (3/16/2010 9:50:39 AM)


Highly underrated and often overlooked, this enchantment could possibly be one of the most powerful defensive cards. By attaching cards such as Pattern of Rebirth to token creatures that you can generate with Deranged Hermit, Ant Queen, Captain of the Watch, etc. Also look out for cards with similar abilities as Weatherseed Treefolk. Urza's Block was really vibrant with powerful abilities.
Posted By: SKaREO (6/20/2010 11:17:55 AM)


@Cloudchaser.Kestrel: The oracle text says that it just has to target a creature or player. In fact, this must happen BEFORE the damage, because it's activated. You can use this a hundred times to prevent the next hundred instances of damage to yourself if you'd like to, even if none are apparent. It isn't triggered, and doesn't say "If you would take damage, you may sacrifice a creature", or anything like that.
Posted By: Tynansdtm (3/1/2012 11:52:52 AM)


Annoying because it can prevent damage dealt by creatures that are normally untargetable, things like Thrun, The Last Troll and Progenitus since it targets the creature or player that will receive the damage.
Posted By: tcollins (5/6/2012 11:03:26 PM)


Azredknightz - I don't think they're saying dying is a soldier's ONLY talent. Just that soldiers are good at dying, which I don't think anyone can dispute.

Could you use this to protect yourself from an imaginary threat? I'm looking for a in flavor way to kill off my own creatures for such infinity combos as Cathodion / order of whiteclay. It doesn't make sense for a mono white deck to be using an ashnod's alter

Thanks Tynanstdm!
Posted By: Cloudchaser.Kestrel (5/14/2012 9:16:58 PM)


The flavor text is kind of insulting.
Posted By: Blackworm_Bloodworm (10/16/2010 7:02:36 PM)


That's exactly what i thought! It's like saying soldiers are good for nothing other than to die. What, NONE of you find that insulting?
Posted By: aznxknightz (8/28/2011 11:01:15 PM)


I run this in my Enchantment/Pegasus deck.
Posted By: mrredhatter (10/5/2009 6:34:14 PM)


Would this work well with creatures with persist?
Posted By: a7141988 (11/4/2009 11:50:04 PM)


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